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Terminology Tuesday - Logos

🤓 Terminology Tuesday ✏️ These are a few of the elements that most likely make up your logo: Logomark - also known as a logo symbol or icon but this is used as the unique identifier for your brand. Apple is a brand that only uses a logomark for their business as they no longer require a wordmark in combination with their logomark, due to their worldwide brand recognition. Wordmark - or logotype/brandmark is the business name that is either aligned alongside a logomark. Brands like FedEx and Tiffany & Co use wordmarks without a logomark. Often stylised or coloured typefaces are used for wordmarks like IBM and Coca-Cola to uniquely identify their brand. Tagline - The last element included in a logo is often a tagline, slogan or descriptor and sometimes a date of establishment, used to further embelish their full branded logo. This element generally sits beneath or alongside a logo. LG often incorporate their slogan ‘Life’s Good’ as part of their logo. Many brands like Toyota and McDonald’s use their tagline below their logomark at the end of a television advertisement that forms part of their jingle. Lockup - A logo lockup is a term used in branding for your logo when all or a combination of these elements are combined to form a comprehensive logo. Lockups are sometimes given padding/spacing that act as a guide to give your logo its own space on an artwork where other graphic elements do no impede on it’s space. This spacing is also used to avoid confusion of association with other brands or elements that don’t form part of your brand. The Olympics is an example of this when you see a sponsor logo sit in a designated space alongside the Olympic rings logo. All these elements form what we know as a logo and as I covered in my previous post, your logo can be developed with responsive versions of these elements to best represent your brand identity in the appropriate situation.


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