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Taglines that communicate a message

Updated: May 10, 2019

The most noticeable customer facing message a brand communicates are it's tagline or slogan.

Think Different I’m lovin’ it Just Do It Once you pop you can’t stop It gives you wiiiings! They are short and catchy quips or jingles that create a memorable image of a brands personality. A tagline is used to distill the entirety of a brands voice and message to represent our brand’s ethos and character - sometimes only made up of a couple of words. It could be used to inspire, be amused by or simply communicate who you are/what you do. Slogans additionally help us grab and retain the attention of our customers so as to become memorable. It's often made as a saying that becomes part of the reason why a customer choses your product or what it will do for them. But this is not to say a tagline can’t do the same and vice versa.

Interestingly some taglines work well if they have opposing meanings behind the cultivated wording. For example Aldi in Australia's current tagline is "Good Different". The first word is a positive and the second a negative. To give you another supermarket example - Woolworths, one of Australia’s big supermarkets has a tagline as part of their brand identity: “The Fresh Food People” And a slogan used primarily for their advertising and marketing: “That’s why I pick Woolies” For my own clients, we work to develop concise and meaningful taglines/slogans for their businesses based on their brand attribute outcomes established in our strategy sessions. Branding is about leaving a lasting memorable first impression. We create brand messaging to set our tone of voice with words and phrases that tell our stories, reveal our personalities and connect with our customers at a relatable and personal level.

But we have to ensure that this message is not forgotten, lost or unheard. A brand's message is to be understood, remembered and recited with ease by our customers. What does your tagline say about your business?


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