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Product Integration

Cafe owners, is there an opportunity for product integration or collaboration in your business?⁣ When aligned with the type of industry you are in, integrating companion products branded with your amazing logo for your cafe, can add further brand recognition if it’s a product a customer can walk away with and keep using.⁣ As an example of what I mean, I’ve recently seen the dopest coffee Kombi van @retrokombico do this for their business. They’ve taken the step of selling custom Frank Green cups, emblazoned with their own illustrated branding of the Kombi. It’s made simply for their customers that also see the value in reducing packaging waste for their daily coffees.⁣ The opportunity here for success goes both ways for each business in this example. Frank Green gets their products out to consumers to advance their sustainability cause, while Retro Kombi Co now have a product their customers can take with them, to keep using over and over which adds value to their purchase in feeling good about doing their bit to help our environment. ⁣ But here’s the big part of what makes this successful for your business. Customers are continuously reminded of you when it’s branded with your logo, making it 100% memorable.⁣ Even if they happen to be using something like a branded coffee cup at another cafe, your customer is constantly reminded of you. Additionally, another person may even take notice your customer’s cup and see your logo. If that persons also happens to know your coffee shop, you’ve helped generate brand recognition.⁣ So there are big opportunities that even small businesses can make and they don’t have to be cafe’s that can create a more memorable experience by collaborating with another brand. As it helps each of you out with cross promotion and will help grow your own brand.⁣


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