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How people make buying decisions

When we buy something generally beyond utilitarian needs, we buy based on emotion. 🍦It’s probably why I still feel excitement when I hear the Mr. Whippy tune playing when the ice-cream van rolls up. It’s not because the ice-cream is good…its total shit to be quite honest and I don’t need one. But the feeling of excitement comes from the joyful memories of being allowed to get a soft-serve cone with chocolate and a flake as a kid...but if I had a spare $4 in my pocket, I’d probably get one for me and my little boy. As a brand, we have to understand “how will our product/service/experience make our customer feel?” and “how it will benefit their lives?” Does what you offer get your customer excited to buy it, to receive it in the mail or look forward to it? The neocortex part of our outer brains are what makes us think logically - this is why we first tend to look at the facts, features and price to understand what we’re being sold. But if you’ve ever made an emotional or “gut” decision, it’s the limbic part of our inner brain telling us to overlook the logical reasons that make total sense. Where we then buy or not buy simply because it made us feel something, for better or worse. It’s why you just HAVE TO have that knife set at 1am in the morning while watching infomercials. It’s also why you don’t decide to buy that dress because it doesn’t feel right, even though the shopkeeper and your friend says it looks amazing on you. Our customers are just like us, we buy for emotional reasons. Give them a reason to connect with you on a human level. Where they are able to trust, understand and feel like what you have to offer is emotionally the right decision for them. How? We create positive, engaging experiences for our customers based on what they need. We make it something our target audiences won’t want to miss out on. Not because it last’s for a finite amount of time, but because it creates an emotional connection with your brand. One that is memorable, one that they want to keep coming back for, or one that they want to rave about.


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