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When we take off our glasses things become fuzzy and its the same when we lose focus on what we hope to achieve in life and in business. If a task you thought was going to be a quick and easy job, ends up pushing out to an hour long task, turns into a whole day thing or blows out to next week - we might have a problem. In most cases this might be due to us underestimating the task at hand but something I’ve discovered in the last month is that ‘focus’ might just be something we’re not paying enough attention to. Between having a goal and the process it takes to get there, a lack of focus and clarity seems to be a significant factor in what delays the prospect of achieving our goals. Rushing, impatience, distraction, external responsibilities and pressure amount to us losing focus in what we hope to do. A lack of clarity produces fuzzy results or at least a fuzzy inefficient process of getting there. Which I’ve seen first hand while engaging in some of work with a client over the last month or so. In that if I find myself creating 26 different versions of a design, it’s because of a clients initial shortcomings of focus and planning from the beginning. But to take a step back, without a focused understanding of our end goals and what is realistically needed to achieve it, we end up doing what we think is two steps forward but in reality ends up pushing us one giant leap back. Costing us time and even money. In business, one way we can combat this is through some level of strategic planning or even simple forethought of what is required before undertaking the process of realising your vision. Which is the number 1 reason I start with strategy with most clients as part of our on-boarding process. It allows me to get to know you and helps us focus on the goal at hand throughout the duration of a project, rather than making your branding a distraction from focusing on your business. Be able to focus without the need for blinkers, know when you’re going off course and ‘measure twice, cut once’ at the beginning of a project.


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