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Does it pass the sketch test?

Here’s a quick test ✏️ Can a customer remember your brand well enough to be able to draw your logo from memory 💁🏻‍♂️ Granted not all logos are easily drawn marks like Apple, McDonalds, Mercedes or Target but it’s a worthy consideration when branding your business. Because the simpler your logo, the easier it is to recognise and remember.

If your current logo has a lot of details or intricacies, you might be making it harder for your customers to commit your brand to memory. Psychologically we need more brain power to recognise complex imagery and as a result are less likely to store that information. . To simplify your logo, think about it this way, “A logo is not communication, a logo is identification” - Sagi Haviv. What this means is that a logo doesn’t need to say exactly what your business is or does. Your brand’s logo is only required to be an identifiable mark for your customers to know it’s your business and not another’s. If you were to distill your logo down to a simple, identifiable mark, could your logo then pass the sketch test? 💁🏻‍♂️


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