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G'day from Instagram

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Thanks for taking a look at my Instagram content. If you'd like to connect, book a brief discovery chat with me over a Google Meet call or phone call to find out how we can work together to help your brand be seen, heard and remembered.

Branding course

Head to Skillshare to get stuck into my first online video course about branding. This is a foundational course that covers the fundamentals of branding, brand strategy, brand identity and brand management. Over 10 modules, you'll learn my key definitions and approach to branding that can help translate into business success.


Have you read my latest article?

This latest Medium article is about how to treat your social media presence as a brand, because consumers don’t care about a brand’s social media content. Chances are whatever you post organically on social media doesn’t really matter beyond your brand showing up and I'll show you why.


'Let's Talk Branding' podcast

To listen to a recent episode of the 'Lets Talk Branding' podcast I was invited on as a guest, it's hosted by my mate, Stef Hamerlinck, and he gets stuck right into my “branding journey”.

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