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Are you

 a logo designer?

 a graphic designer?

 a branding designer?

or maybe you're just a design superstar yet to be unleashed!

Are you searching for a solid branding process that is more than logo design?

and make more effective logos?

Do you want to offer a valuable branding service that can 10x your client's investment?

and even increase your rate?

Do you want to avoid rejected logo concepts, to instead make a client feel confident in their branding?

and do that consistently?

Yeah?! Keep scrolling

An effective branding process
is the
secret sauce for branding with confidence*

* Confidence for both you and your client.

G'day, I'm Frank and I'm a brand identity designer

Now when I started out, I searched for an effective branding process. But I couldn't find one I aligned with. So I developed my own brand identity design process that goes beyond logo design. Here's the kicker... I offer my branding services to clients all around the world, and not one has rejected a logo concept. This process gives me and my clients the confidence to win.


What my clients have said

Testimonials from brand identity design clients

I f*cking loved working with Frank - he is a creative marketing genius! He was very encouraging and took the time to understand my vision and what I wanted to achieve. The branding process was easy and enjoyable - Frank walked me through the entire process, step by step. And was able to translate that into a clear brand identity that has given me complete kunfidence in taking my business to the next level.

The way that Frank was able to extract the feelings, history and experiences that we want to portray as an Independent Real Estate brand and then reinvent that into something that we can use both visually and in written word to both our internal team and the community is truly remarkable

  • How much will it cost?
    To sign up, this workshop is $500USD (based on $750AUD so the USD price may vary). I want the value this workshop will deliver to far exceed the price. As I'm confident you'll be able to make you money back with one client branding job if you were to use my branding process right out of the box. But I want to you double, triple, 10x or even 20x your investment, because I know it's possible...I've done it myself. Not to mention gaining the confidence and understanding you'll have to become a more experienced branding designer.
  • What do I get?
    During the workshop you'll get: ✅ An end-to-end brand identity design process you can use out of the box ✅ You'll get to try the process together with me and a group of other creatives ✅ Feeback from me during our live video call sessions each week ✅ PLUS! My 20-page client contract template ✅ PLUS! My client brand workshop session workbook of exercises ✅ PLUS! My 30+ page brand guidelines document template ✅ PLUS! My A4 brand guide cheat sheet template At the end of this workshop experience you will have a portfolio piece to share and a branding process you can use to help your client's brands succeed.
  • How will the workshop run?
    This is a 5-day workshop run over 5 weeks - 1 day per week. Each day you, me and a group of other creatives will meet for approx. 3 hours to develop a brand identity from start to finish. Each week I will guide you through 4 stages of my brand identity process, with a mock brand you will develop for a fictional beverage product brand. At the start of each sequential week, you'll present your deliverable of each of the stages before we proceed to the next. There will also be a community group for you to join me and the group of other creatives in the workshop. This is made as a space to ask questions, seek feedback and riff off each other to produce your deliverable each week and enjoy the process that will give you the confidence you seek!
  • Who is this workshop for?
    This is a workshop for any creative who is motivated to learn a more holistic brand identity process than just designing logos. However, just like me (Frank), I'm a solo brand identity designer, so this brand identity process caters specifically to solo creatives who are interested in going beyond visual identity/logo design. So if you want to offer more as a branding service provider to small-medium sized businesses, this is a workshop for you.
  • What skills do I need to have?
    Firstly, you don't need to be a designer. This is a workshop that will help you understand the fundamentals of brand identity development that can influence your process if you're also proficient in designing visual identities. So in addition to visual design skills (if you have them), this workshop will encourage you to flex your copywriting skills. It will also challenge you to put on your thinking cap to better understand your client's brand, their team, their competition, their consumers and their offering by using creative and strategic thinking.
  • Will I learn how to design better logos?
    If you're good at designing logos and developing visual identities, then this is a great base of skills to have for this workshop. Because this isn't a workshop that will teach you how to design a good looking logo. However, having a better brief to work with (that you might even develop yourself) can help you create a more purposeful logo and visual identity. One that can be influenced by and align with a concept that might come from a brand's purpose, message or core concept that we will develop first in this workshop. All of which can lead to presenting one logo concept confidently and potentially less likely to be rejected.

Learn my process to design a brand identity with confidence

I'm sharing my brand identity design process in a live digital workshop, where you will learn and apply a more holistic brand identity design process in a hands-on experience with me and a small group of fellow creatives over 5 days.

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*Based on $750AUD

For more details of inclusions, read the FAQ above

Branding with Confidence

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