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Your brand story

If you’re like me and read a book each night to your kid, there is great magic in where a story can take you. Like Alice, who fall down the rabbit hole to her Wonderland or Luke Skywalker to a galaxy far, far away.

Telling a story is the oldest form of how we communicate with one another.

Just yesterday I was watching Apple’s latest keynote that featured Stephen Spielberg, who poetically talked about story at the end of the video:

“To become involved in someone else’s life, that is the idea of what a story should be. A story should make you forget your surroundings, should make you forget your agenda, your day, and hopefully should make you forget yourself”

To bring it back into a branding context, marketing guru Seth Godin, talks about this as:

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”.

We may indeed have a great product or service but in order to further add value, trust and human connection, we also need to tell our unique story to capture attention. Revealing a genuine insight into why we do what we do AND how we also connect with our customers' own story, is how we can generate messages that show empathy, are personable and are imaginative. I had being wondering how do I do this myself since starting G'day Frank and the answer I’ve found from so many different people is with CONTENT. Be it written, visual or audio content. On our socials, our website, our blogs, our newsletters, our packaging. We need to find the story we can ever evolvingly tell about ourselves, our products AND our customers?

By telling a story that is engaging, memorable and shareable through content, our customers are then able tell our story for us. It’s what we all do as happy customers, right?… “You should shop at Aldi, they have these great specials!” or “you should totally try that new restaurant!” or “go see that new Avengers movie! It's so amazing!”. We all have a story to tell and we have the greatest opportunity as people and as brands to tell it.

What’s your story?


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