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About G'day Frank

DISCOVER WHO WE ARE - the team behind the creative goodness

Established in 2018, G'day Frank is a brand consultancy based in Lithgow, west of Sydney, Australia. Run by Reagan 'Frank' Mackrill and his wife, Samantha.

G'day Frank - Brand values

*the reason for all the pink circles




A brand is a captivating moment of connection

Branding is creating captivating moments of connection from clarity

You might've heard many definitions for what a brand and branding is. "A gut feeling", "a promise", "a person's perception", "what others say about you when you're not in the room". But these don't quite cut the mustard.


A brand is a moment, which could be an experience, a feeling or a touchpoint that captivates a consumer's attention. This forms a connection to that person or business the brand represents. To read more about this, check out the blog post.


Clarity is a key outcome of any branding exercise. It helps identify your goals, why you exist, who your consumers are, why they should choose you, how you communicate with them and how you can captivate their attention to form a long-standing connection between you and them.


Being able to captivate your consumer's attention as the stand out brand over others is what helps drive sales and hit business goals. Because you have seconds to catch someone's eye, let them digest what you've said and have them form a first impression that becomes a connection. If it positively captivates a consumer, you become seen, heard & remembered.


There are reasons why consumers choose a brand over others, like nostalgia, habit, referral, alignment and price that are emotional decisions. Caused by connections from brand experiences and even the trusted word of others. These connections can influence one's desire to choose your brand now and over time.

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My first name is Reagan but you can call me Frank for short (it's my middle name and also both my grandfather's name). I'm a dad, husband, podcaster, speaker, mentor and Star Wars fanboy with over a decade of experience as a designer.

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I'm Sam, partner of G'day Frank and also the creator of Evening Clay (social links above). I'm a self-taught creative, specialising in jewellery design, painting, illustration, knitting and sewing. I even made my own wedding dress. While I run the G'day Frank accounts.

About us

Our story

Told by Frank


Our wedding day


"I want to start a business!" says Frank in a text message to Samantha in November 2017.

"Do you know how to do that?" replied Samantha

"No, but I'm sure I'll figure it out" Frank energetically replied.

*Narrator that sounds like Morgan Freeman but isn't due to copyright*... "He is still figuring it out".


So this was the conversation Sam and I had from SMS messages sent from one side of our office to the other. See, we worked and met each other at the same television production company, here in Sydney, called Fremantle.

I was the in-house designer for the scripted and unscripted development department. At the time we met, Sam was the office receptionist. Without saying more, a tale as old as time occurred at our office Christmas party in 2012 and we later married in 2016. Come 2017 we had our first child, a little boy. Fast forward to 2020 and our daughter was born.


So like any crazy person would do with a wife and new baby to support, I decided I was going to quit my job at the end of June 2018 (our end of the financial year in Australia).

Now I did as much research and learning as I could in 6 months from as many online resources, books and people I knew who could help me start, manage and operate a design business focused on branding.

I landed on branding as I'd done a design degree at Western Sydney University (graduated top of my class in 2010 too), then stumbled into that TV role creating identities for new and existing shows that needed revitalisation, like Family Feud Australia.

Come July 2, 2018, I had left my job of 7 years and we started G'day Frank. Because I recognised the impact branding makes for any business by creating a captivating brand that consumers want to buy from. 

Since then we've worked with over 50 clients. Produced 4 of our own podcasts. Spoken at 5 conferences and digital events. Created over 700 pieces of unique content on social media and we're still going strong, 5 years on.

If you've been searching for a helping hand to bring your brand and business personality to the forefront, we're the people who walk the walk ourselves. We show that branding is about creating captivating connections and we've been able to do that from the clarity in what we offer and know we can deliver as we approach branding with 'Frank' personality.


How it started - Frank's last day at Fremantle Australia


How it's going (2020)

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Social content

Over the past 5 years we've built up a collection of content about branding, design, marketing, social media and business. To explore our social pages, visit the links below. You can also check out articles published on Medium or over on the blog.

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