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You've got 99 problems and your customer's one

I got 99 problems and your brand is ☝️…and that’s a good thing - your problems are mine to solve in building your brand identity.

But what are the problems your own customers face and how do you solve their pain points? We do this by genuinely showing we understand their problems through our messaging and content in addition to our product/service solution. If we can show empathy and present a desired future state, the idea of buying into our solution requires a message that conveys an understanding of where they are now vs where they want to be (with or without your solution) and that your solution is what will help them get there. But what happens if they don’t solve their problem? Outlining the adverse cause of not solving a their own problem today can be just as much of a compelling message... kind of like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) 😩 This is where we address a fact of realisation like “how much will it cost you to delay or not to solve this problem now?”... and by cost, I don’t just mean financial, as this isn’t about “buy now while there is a 50% off sale”… that’s a whole other conversation. Additionally, part of our messaging should direct our customers to the benefit they intangibly receive to solve their problems, meet their needs or achieve their goals... not just the features. Which could be ‘more time in you day’ if you offer an efficiency based solution, or ‘confidence in the way you look’ if you are a brand that offers a cosmetic or apparel solution. BUT HERE’S THE BIG ONE… the number 1 thing most of us neglect in our messaging, which I discovered from Donald Miller at StoryBrand, is that we’re forgetting to directly ask our customers for the sale. Because if we’ve done the hard work upfront of aligning their goals with our solutions, we need to make a clear message of what steps they need to take next AND creating a simple call-to-action (CTA). Otherwise we’re passively selling to no one. And look, I don’t mean adding a BUY NOW button to every piece of messaging or content we deliver 🙅🏻‍♂️ Call or DM me now!...😊 But seriously, be mindful of how you can better connect with your customers by solving their problems.


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