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Would you consider hiring an Editor in Chief for your business?

Could an Editor in Chief be the next play for a business? To also see itself as a media company in order to take its content and brand to the next level of awareness through consistency?⁣ If you’re a business owner that has grasped the importance of branded content via online/social platforms, to not be sales-y and instead be forthcoming with great content that engages with your audience. Then you’ll no doubt see the big picture that this is a long term play of attention and consistency. That if managed well from end to end, could propel your business to the front of the pack.⁣ However, 1 x piece of content per week doesn’t cut it anymore. Organic reach (apart from LinkedIn content) is diminishing due to algorithms that reward value, engagement and consistency. ⁣ It’s a simple game, but one many aren’t playing or bow out by half-time. However, with an identifiable need for content on a greater scale to remain relevant, it’s gonna be pretty fucking hard to keep up, without a little help.⁣ Your business may already have social media management. But what if, depending on the scale of your ambition in this space, an Editor in Chief was the person your brand needs to take the next step in levelling up your content and brand awareness?⁣ To have a person that maintains consistency and value in your brand identity, content and branded communication as if it were a published magazine and oversee the output of the following:⁣ • Your website and landing pages⁣ • Email marketing⁣ • Social media content⁣ • Blogging, Articles (eg. Medium) & white papers⁣ While holding a respectable C-Suite level weight in the way your company operates and communicates.⁣ It’d be a pretty bold but bloody interesting move, especially if the pay off was as glaringly obvious as it seems in my head 🤩⁣


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