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Would you buy this $715 Beanie

Now this is a next level beanie “when one type of pm pom just isn’t enough”. ⁣ It’s called the Pohawk Plus, made in NYC by Mischa Lampert and quite clearly it’s not your average winter beanie. Made from the finest New Zealand merino wool and and 5 fur pom poms… oh and it’s $495 US dollars 😯⁣ This is a statement piece after all and it’s a faaashion accessory that’s going to set its buyer apart from the rest. As Johnathon Stark also remarked about the Pohawk Plus beanie, “if you are the type of person who would wear a hat like the Pohawk Plus, you probably also want to be the only person around who's wearing one”. ⁣ So it’s a wise choice by Mischa, the designer, to have set a high price point that alone guarantees that unique wearability for her customers, where you’re unlikely to walk past another person wearing one. Which reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld when Elaine scrupulously finds a pair of glasses that her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t let anyone else know about or get because he wanted to be unique...just to rub it in 😂⁣ Pricing can be a useful tool at the high end for a brand, just the same as it can be being the cheapest option. More often than not, there will be a market of customers that see the value in a product, service or experience that is far beyond the norm.⁣ It’s the same with air travel, cars, real estate and in this case, fashion. Price will set your brand apart and can, at high price points, enable you to offer unique valuable experiences your customer can themselves stand out with. ⁣ What does this do for your business? Well it gives the remainder of your brand’s offering an anchor point for customers to set their expectations of the brand you are. And I can’t forget to mention, there are cheaper alternatives to the Pohawk Plus, just the same as there is economy to first class, affordable cars and luxury cars, one bedroom apartments and mansions. A more affordable option is more likely what your customer will buy but I just about guarantee a crazy high-priced offering will get people talking and in the door.⁣ All in all, you are providing an unforgettable and unique brand experience for your customer to stand out.


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