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Why start with why...for brand messaging

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Are you starting with ‘why’? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I start with ‘why’, based on this quote from Simon Sinek - known for his profound and revolutionary approach to business.

Most of us communicate by telling our customers 'what we do' and 'how we do it'.

“We make this amazing product, it’ll benefit your life in this way and that way...wanna buy it?”

But customers aren’t connecting with us and simply buy or don’t buy based on comparable features, benefits and price. What this does is it leaves a customer no other choice than to make a price based decision... "can I afford this?", or "do I really need this", or even "I'll pick this one because it's the same thing but cheaper".

As Simon has discovered, we need to flip our message by starting with ‘why’.

1️⃣ Why we do what we do

2️⃣ Then, How we do it

3️⃣ Finally, What we do

‘Why’ aligns us with brands at a physiological level and is what gives us the confidence and trust in a brand.

As a result it’s why we see Apple, Nike, Aldi, Star Wars fanboys, waiting in lines across the world for the newest thing to come out…and yes, that's been me for 3/4 of these brands😅

So why do we run coffee shops, clothing stores or creative agencies? Why do we want to help our customers prosper? Why do our customers want to be a part of what we are offering?

Is it to see customers be revitalised and nourished by great coffee and good food? Is it to see a customer walk out with a high level of personal confidence that they look and feel good in a new suit? And why do I do, what I do? - I want to help you see the change your brand can make for your customers for your business to thrive.

These questions don’t need to have profound answers but they are questions we need to be asking of our own brands because ultimately, our customers buy 'why' we do it. They want to connect at an emotional level.

Many of us can be staunchly loyal to a brand and this is because we connect at an emotional level in someway that can even be totally irrational, nonsensical or simply a gut feeling. For some of us, there are brands that feel as though they align with who we are or speak to our nature and share the same beliefs.

This is where understanding your customers needs can be the catalyst for determining the 'why' of your brand'. Why would your customer need what you have to offer or why would they buy into your brand? What type of customer has a belief of a cause that you are similarly here to champion?

To read Simon's book "Start With Why" it's available on Amazon or watch his highly viewed TED talk here on YouTube.


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