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What if bad design was costing you $364,000?⁣

Now I’m not saying the more you spend, the better the result will be. But what if bad design was costing you in missed business through the door or an increase in revenue?⁣ Take an Italian restaurant for example. Each night they have a small turnover of tables, barely enough to break even each night. However, 3 doors down is a jumping restaurant that services 3x more people each night.⁣ The owners only need 20 more diners each night to turn a small profit, but in reality it’s much bigger than that. So we start to analyse what it is that could be done better. But first, we set the goal: 20 more customers a night.⁣ But what does that look like in annual turnover? If each diner is worth $50/head, that $1000 extra per night, $7000 per week and $364,000 in 1 year. Pretty crazy right? But that’s the goal. So how do we get there? Together we determine they need the following:⁣ 1. Their menu has to be simplified and redesigned⁣ 2. Their signage needs to become eye-catching⁣ 3. Modernise their 70’s pizza shop looking logo.⁣ 4. They want attire for waitstaff to present their customers with a professional appearance⁣ 5. A website that allows for online bookings.⁣ 6. A social media presence that entices and engages customers to dine with them.⁣ 7. A marketing strategy to bring in more customers & increase table spend.⁣ 8. They also want to update their decor, lighting and table presentation.⁣ So the question then becomes, what do you believe it’s worth to achieve a goal that’s worth $364k for each and every year there after? 20%? Maybe just 10%…it’s a 900% return on investment! Crazy. But not all of these things have to be done at once.⁣ As a branding consultant, I understand what good design and strategy can do for your business. It’s why I value your goal rather than the need/solution. Good design should be considerate of what your business hopes to achieve. To better understand you & your customers to achieve your goals…not just design pretty logos. This is how I create value and work with you to grow your business.⁣ What could it cost your business without it?


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