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The $1,000,000 impact branding can have on your business

The impact branding can make in the building industry, could be the difference between a builder landing or missing out on a MILLION DOLLAR JOB!⁣ How?⁣ Let’s compare the house pictured above. Same build, same quality of construction, same amount of labourers to build it and the same experience between the two businesses.⁣ Builder ‘A’ builds 3-4 houses each year with a small team and brings in what their team needs for a comfortable lifestyle. They’ve had the same logo for 15 years that was created using Microsoft Word, a website that hasn’t been touched in about 10 years and the signage on the ute’s are sun faded and peeling.⁣ Builder ‘B’ builds 2-3x more houses each year and has a few more builders in the team to run their successful business. They’ve got a website that shows their team, the houses they’ve built and their process of construction with many testimonials from the owners they’ve worked with. Their vehicles are emblazoned with eye catching graphics and a logo that is simple and memorable.⁣ Builder ‘A’ quotes a build cost of $500k-$600k. ⁣ But Builder ‘B’ quotes $800k-$1Million.⁣ Builder ‘B’ gets the job the majority of the time 🤯⁣ BUT WHY?⁣ Their quote was higher!? the build quality would have been no different!? AND the builders have the exact same experience in building this type of house!??? 😫⁣ Two things have swayed the buyers decision.⁣ 1. Price - if Builder ‘B’ is far more expensive, they must be better…right? This is how many buyers will psychologically make their decision when comparing options.⁣ 2. Image - Builder ‘B’ presents as a trustworthy brand that reflects their price tag. They communicate who they are and what they do since investing in their brand identity. This helps eliminate the risk in the home owners mind, making Builder ‘B’ the better choice for the majority of clients.⁣ Both factors are why we believe a plain white Nike t-shirt is perceived as a better quality one from Target.⁣ So branding can make a difference to your business no matter what industry, as it can help present the value your product or service deserves. How much business could you be missing out on, without it?


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