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The Medium is the Message

Are you creating content to hook new customers in but aren’t finding them? Or they’re not sticking around to read, listen or watch? 😰

It could be the story you’re telling or your call to action. But it might be because of where that message is shown AND how you are adapting your message to suit the medium - eg. posting on Instagram. This is one of the only quotes I remember back when I was at University in 2008, by Marshall McLuhan:

“The medium is the message”

In essence, we need to consider tailoring our message to suit the medium it’s delivered on. We can introduce the same core message across multiple mediums but content is generally consumed differently on various platforms. So we need to fit our content to each medium and the type of content consumers are looking for on those platforms.

The easy delineation here is long-form horizontal video works on YouTube, long-form vertical video works on Instagram's IGTV. But long-form video doesn't work on Instagram posts, sites like Medium or even Twitter. So the message/content needs to be adapted in a way that works better on those desired mediums - photos for Instagram with a caption, long-form article for Medium and a condensed summary on Twitter with a link to the Medium article or the YouTube video. But let’s not lose sight of the mediums our customers are using to connect with us. If we can focus on where our target audience is, we can use that medium as a link to funnel our customers to the place where conversion happens for your business - for example, your website. What we also need to decide, is if we: (A) Spread our content out to as many platforms as possible. So that we diversify our message and give our customers choice for the way they want connect with us. Gary Vee is a great example of this. Where each part of his day is documented and broken into little pieces of content that fit the various mediums he communicates on. But this option also means you need to be mindful of the mediums you desire to create a piece of content for and it may mean tailoring that message to fit the medium, rather than a copy/paste job. Or (B), we narrow our focus on the mediums that work best for our brand. A potential downside of this relates to the term of caution “don’t put your eggs in one basket”. If that medium goes down like Facebook and Instagram recently did for a day... or like Vine, which went belly up in 2017 - what could it cost your business if the following from that medium is lost? Finally, consider the mediums that best suit your brand. If you have a beautiful product to sell, show it off on Instagram. Or if you are a thought leader, create a Podcast and post articles on Medium or on your blog. The medium is how we reach our audience. Our message is what draws them in. Our story is how we connect and empathise. And our call to action is what converts ✅


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