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The Branding Banter Podcast

🎙 Are you ready for some podcasty banter - today is the launch of our podcast, the Branding Banter Podcast! 🤩⁣ Follow the link in my bio to hear the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts…and hopefully, it’ll make a feature on Google Podcasts and some other platforms as well in the future.⁣ What is the show about? Branding Banter is a podcast hosted by me and Delphie (@seecreativestudio / @delphiejoy) guests from across Australia that run their own businesses to uncover the impact branding has on Aussie businesses. ⁣ Our first episode is an introduction to the two of us as the hosts of the show, our origin stories as designers and how we came to meet. While delving into the inception of how this podcast has come to fruition.⁣ Over time we’ll also be having a banter with other creative and industry professionals that help small businesses grow their brand.⁣ 🎙 Follow @brandingbanter if you’re not already, and please let us know your feedback, leave ratings or comments on the respective platforms you listen from, as we’d be so very appreciative to hear your thoughts on what we’ve created.⁣


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