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Targetting the right customer

🎯 Target the right person through psychographics rather targeting all people just by demographics. Most of us only think about the demographics of our target audience. Their age, gender, location, work & family status, etc. Don’t get me wrong, plopping our customers into demographic buckets (aka. segmentation) is a really helpful step to initially figure out who our ideal customer is. But let's go a step further and add an extra layer with psychographics. Rather than thinking about who our business would be good for, psychographics flips this. Forcing us to consider how to make a product/service/message that meets the needs of a certain customer by identifying their pain points. By doing so, we’re able to personalise a solution that goes a long way in building trust through empathy. 🦷 Take a dentist for example. Their demographic you might say is “everyone” because hey, everyone has teeth that need attention. But if they drill down further - I love puns 🤣 - to identify the majority bringing in the most business, parents are likely the most viable target market. Why? Well, parents not only need to be mindful of their kids' dental health, but they also need dental care for themselves. A double-whammy. Diving deeper into the psychographics, it might show parents have their own guilt of not going regularly to the dentist, while also experiencing a hard time getting their kids to care for their teeth. For all involved, a dentist visit is like pulling teeth…again, pun fully intended 😉 By understanding the majority target market beyond demographic information, this dentist has a greater awareness for how it can provide a better service and create a more effective message that’ll meet the needs of their target audience. Having done this kind of exercise with my clients, I’ve found that the more we understand about our customers, the more effective our offer becomes. We’ve now made it for a specific person and not another, which makes what we do more meaningful. It also means we’re focusing our efforts on the most viable audience to hit our goals and not waste our time on a message that will fall on deaf ears…unless you’re a hearing specialist.


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