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Someday is not a day of the week

🇮🇸 Someday I want to go to Iceland with my son when he’s all grown up. To drive over the black sand beaches, see the Solheimasandur plane wreck (pictured) and the Skógafoss waterfall. Someday in this case, is currently a dream as my little man is only a toddler - but back in 2007 when I started university I realised that I wanted to Someday run my own design business. To be my own boss even if it was a one man band. All of us create goals and especially in our businesses, as it’s our catalyst for achieving success. For a lot of us, our goals are blue sky ideas in our head and so it comes down to how we prioritise and create steps to achieve those goals. This is an exercise I cover in my strategy sessions with my clients. To write up on a whiteboard their short term and Someday goals and prioritise how do-able and how desirable they are. To tangibly reach those Someday goals might require a range of milestones to surpass. A kind of If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) reliance on realisation. While some may potentially be reached sooner than long-term expectations. But I’ve come to learn that in most cases, it takes a bunch of small goals to make Someday a reality. Think of a set of stairs. The top of the flight is your Someday goal and each step up (could be 5 steps, could be 20) is a smaller goal that will help you get to the top. By taking smaller achievable steps, we see progress through smaller wins, to keep us motivated and on track IF we have the conviction to do so. It took me just over 10 years to make my Someday business goal, a Monday. It was Monday 2nd of July 2018 that became the first working day I started operating @gdayfrank. It took several small steps to get to a point of realising it was time to do so, while it took a few giant leaps (potentially skipping over a couple of steps) just to make that Monday happen that little bit sooner. Sometimes it takes a crazy gamble, strategic planning, a calculated risk or sometimes just blind luck where the timing it just right. Goals are what have got us to where we are and help us realise what we hope to achieve. How did you get here?


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