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Not sure what a JPEG or PNG is?

As a follow up to an IGTV post that went up on my @gdayfrank Instagram page today, here is a quick CHEAT SHEET to save and utilise for the occasions you need to send your logo or brand-related graphics to a printer, designer, web developer or sign writer. ⁣ So I’m talking about:⁣ * JPEG⁣ * PNG⁣ * EPS⁣ * SVG⁣ * PSD⁣ * RAW⁣ * GIF⁣

Hopefully, this helps clarify what each file is used for and that it’ll give you the brief knowledge to determine the appropriate use for each of these commonly used file types, for your brand.⁣ There’s a little fun in there, but in all seriousness, the goal is to ensure your branding stands out, is recognisable and memorable. So as long as your branding is being utilised correctly, you’re well on the way to creating a consistently presented brand to your customers!⁣ ****EDIT: For PNGs - you typically can’t print these files with correct CMYK colour as PNGs can only be saved in RGB colour.


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