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My business is unique because...

My business is unique because __________ .⁣ I’d love to know what makes your business unique. What about me? Well, my I believe my business is unique because we work with small Aussie businesses who want to create a memorable brand identity and see their business thrive. We also cater to the design needs of television production companies. ⁣ But most of all, what makes my business unique is my own design process and style of creativity, just the same as Sam’s process and style of creativity. Which is different to another designer but is just the same as any other creative, in that we all have our own unique creative approach.⁣ So why is your business unique? Why does your customer pick your business over another Joe? And why is the service or product your business offers, unlike any other? ⁣ If you’re not quite sure or haven’t stopped to ponder why your business is unique, these are questions I’d ask you to help discover your unique position in your market and help brand your business in a way that reflects that uniqueness.⁣ You may not think you’re unique but remember, you’re an entrepreneur and you started a business to stand out and offer something different to someone who needs what you do. ⁣


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