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Less is more, where more is no good

I’ve heard of the phrase “less is morel for years as a designer. For example, if your logo is a complex hodge podge of imagery that says everything about what you do, it won’t be remembered.⁣ But for business owners this might just be a phrase that’s appropriately applicable for selling products and services.⁣ For a brand these days I’m finding that “less is more” translates into: less selling, more social engagement.⁣ Why? ⁣ Well we only have so much brain power to comprehend new information and if presented only with a sale rather than content that engages, most of us tend to switch off and move on.⁣ However I’m seeing that social engagement, done well in business, sets a brand apart. In that it communicates value through personality and a social connection. It can be achieved through entertainment, education, documentation or community building and its what Facebook and Instagram are encouraging businesses to do more of.⁣ If we create content that draws attention, we need to show restraint with ‘BUY NOW!’ But don’t get me wrong, also we can’t forget to ask for the sale. We just need to do it at a time or a place a customer is open to doing so, like your website that your audience is directed to after value is communicated through social content and the customer makes that choice themselves.⁣ And the simpler the engagement to draw in an audience, the better. I’ve seen clients and fellow business owners stick just their phone up in front of their faces and record themselves simply talking to their audiences - no fancy production quality necessary. ⁣ Similarly the simpler your message is communicated, the easier it is for your customer to understand your brand and realise you just might have what they need to explore further down your marketing funnel.⁣ So even as a designer I’m having to re-learn “less is more” now as a business owner and understand that “less is more, where more is no good” in documenting my journey and communicating my process.


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