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It takes just 10 seconds

This may seem silly, may sound crazy and may be a little nuts and we’re not talking about me... but 10 seconds is all your brand really has when first impressions count 😧⁣ 🤪 Now silly, crazy and a little bit nuts is how I’d describe myself for putting my mug all over this account, but I know it’s the best way I can make an impression, create a connection and build trust with my audience and who knows, maybe even a potential client that is looking to brand or rebrand their business...Which is something you can also do, but do what makes sense for your brand 👌⁣ It’s this fundamental first impression that might be the difference of someone staying on your website, walking into your store or googling your business.⁣ So given we’re all deep down judging books by their covers as we walk past the book store, make sure you’re present your business with a visual brand that is:⁣ 👀 Eye-catching…you want someone to double-take, walk right in or be instantly delighted with an attractive brand identity.⁣ 🧐 Recognisable…if your target audience sees your brand on a daily basis like a gigantic billboard but isn’t cognitively taking it in, you want your identity to be consistent so that when they are paying attention when it appears in a social media ad that they put two and two together and your brand is more recognisable.⁣ 🤔 Memorable…if your logo, colours, imagery, etc draw in a customer's attention the first time, they are more likely to remember it a second time. ⁣ If you have the opportunity to stand out, the customer who doesn’t know your brand exists is going to be delighted by a first impression that makes the product or service you offer look like something they need in their lives. ⁣ This sets the tone for the amazing brand experience you’ve got lined up for them once you’ve got them in the door, so let your brand identity work for your business and make a great first impression 🙌⁣


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