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How you can overcome a sceptical customer experience

We’re all sceptics before we buy. It’s like a book cover, where the majority of us will make a buying decision based on the cover alone.⁣ This is something I thought about over the weekend, as to how a business can overcome the scepticism a potential customer has when they can’t see or feel what they do or sell. My answer? Providing greater upfront value at no cost to the consumer…and not just a free 5 point plan, email lead magnet.⁣ For example: You’re an electrician who, for the most part, is called out to job after job for lighting fixes that could have been solved by the homeowner for a fraction of your call out fee. But also, these kinds of jobs mean you have to do 50 of them in a week instead of 1 big job that pays the same. ⁣ What if you could provide that same value another way? Something that won’t cost the customer a cent of your time but will position you as the trusted ‘go-to’ sparky.⁣ Let’s say you started a YouTube channel - branded all schmick of course, with a nice intro and outro...maybe a bit of music here and there. ⁣ If you looked up on Google the highest trending problems people have in the home that relate to DIY electrical problems, you’ll have a treasure trove of content ideas.⁣ You make short step-by-step videos of these small jobs that become easily found on YouTube. The title alone should bring you up first and grab their attention with an eye-catching thumbnail of the video.⁣ The best part here is you could translate these videos onto Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to better find potential customers.⁣ What all of this does, is it offers a tremendous amount of value at the cost of giving away ONE service for free, to just ONE customer, per video. This value creates trust for customers, whether they had seen your videos before or not, as you have a catalogue of social proof that shows you:⁣ (a) know what you’re talking about⁣ (b) you have invaluable engagement & feedback from your online audience⁣ Providing value before you receive what you’re owed is what can help overcome scepticism…no more try before you buy.


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