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How does your logo look at scale?

You have a logo but does it work at scale? 🔎 When designing a visual identity for your brand, we want to ensure that you have a logo that is recognisable. Be it as a responsive logo that can adapt to your brand’s touch point or simply if your logo is recognisable at smaller scale. When your logo is reduced to a smaller scale, we want to use the simplest element of your logo, which in most cases is your logo mark (symbol) while ensuring that the chosen element of your logo is simplistic in its form. The more complicated your logo when reduced at scale, the harder it is to recognise. I’ve previously given the example of being able to recognise the Golden Arches from a mile away where it would appear small at a distance. But this also applies to a logo when it’s on something as small as a pen or enamel badge. The simpler your logo, the easier it is to remember AND recognise at scale.


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