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Don't confuse your customers

You have the best product or service EVER! It solves your customers problems like no other and a stack of people are visiting your site. Amazing!⁣ ...However those potential customers are tuning out after the first 1-5 minutes on your site and leaving without a sale or contact.⁣ They may just be snooping, but what might have happened is, you’ve confused them with your home page or instagram profile desc. But How? You thought you’d dummed it down completely and clearly??? 🤔⁣ Well Donald Miller from StoryBrand has realised, the majority of us who are targeting the right customer but have this problem of low retention. Are in fact communicating with a message and description that is still at level 6 of understanding and totally loses them...”bye Felicia” 👋⁣ Level 1-2 is the level we need to speak to our customers across their touch points. Like REALLY basic a child should be able to pick it up.⁣ Things like jargon, not even describing the product or the service and what having the quickest and simplest process to convert your customer.⁣ It’d be like walking into a car dealership and being totally confused just like I would be on certain car part features. I may as well be hearing a monkey clang cymbals. Or if I started talking to you about PSD files, vector logos and wordpress plugins in our first conversation 😳⁣ HOWEVER - there is a caveat for businesses that cater to serious pro level products and services. These are the kind of customers that already know what they are looking for. Though it may still mean you still have to present it at a lower level than 10, as it might be information they just don’t need to know upfront.⁣ Keep it REALLY simple, less industry speak and talk as if they’ve never seen a mobile phone before, WHEN you are greeting customers for the first time 👌


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