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Describe your customers in one word:

Describe your customers in one word: ___________⁣ Now before you start saying things like “all kinds of annoying” 🙄 or “f@$#ing nightmares” 🤬 just remember two things:⁣ 1. You’re in business to serve your customer, so be nice 😄⁣ 2. This prompt relates to your ideal customer, so the response in the form of an adjective word, can either be positive or aspirational 🙌⁣ Alright, now let me know below in a comment 👇👇👇⁣ What about our own customers described in one word: Distinctive I say this because the clients I have worked with, have all found their own distinctive place in the market to be able to uniquely stand out with a recognisable brand identity we help them create.⁣ This prompt forms part of an exercise we carry out during a discovery session with our clients. I’ll share some more of these prompts over the coming Sundays, but where these responses become useful is when we work on your brand positioning. ⁣ The beauty of it is the duality of where discovery is mutually beneficial for both us and your business. The first being that the responses we draw out during a session better our understanding of your business. But the best part is that you may even discover information about your business and customers that you and your team may have never considered or simply got down on paper, in an effort to all be on the same page as your business goes through a process of change for the better. ⁣ By collectively being on the same page of understanding, it allows us to establish a better brand identity together 👌


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