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Connecting with customers as an independent Dentist

If you’re an independent dentist, has Bupa Dental got you down?⁣ When a bigger player steps out onto the court, it makes for a harder game to win. Basically, you don’t match up in the stats, however bigger isn’t always better for your patients. ⁣ So if they’re bigger, cheaper and easily recognisable, you need to play a different kind of ball game with a strategy that dances around the big guys legs… after all, us Aussies love an underdog and aren’t some of the greater players a foot shorter? 💪⁣ Ok, basketball analogies aside. As an independent dentist you have something the Bupa Dental’s of the world don’t. A personality… well lets hope you do. But how does that help?⁣ It helps in two ways: Trust and Recognition.⁣ Firstly, Trust. Do you trust your health provider? Probably not if they screw you over with crazy high premiums.⁣ Do you trust your doctor? Most likely yes, because you’re able to build a trusting relationship with them overtime.⁣ Secondly, Recognition.⁣ Sure a customer can recognise the Bupa logo easier. But does the Bupa logo invoke a positive feeling for a customer when it’s recognised? Or can they put a face to the brand?⁣ Now of course, you want to build a great looking brand. A simple and memorable logo, an inviting and professional dental space and an easy to use website. However this can’t be built without the core attributes your business communicates in all it’s touch points as your brand is a reflection of yourself and your team.⁣ People have a better experience when it has a personal touch in addition to a branded touch. Because it lasts longer in our memory and becomes what a customer returns for. This is the advantage you have over the big guys, so use it and put your face and voice out there more to bring in more customers.⁣ For any repeat patient, when they see your logo on your ads and posts on social media, your signage as they pass by, or in a reminder email for checkups - that logo will invoke a (hopefully positive) memory or feeling of their past experience with you and your team. ⁣ That is the value of branding 🙌⁣ …and while I’m thinking about it, I’m probably due for a check up, you there doc? 🦷


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