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Branding isn't a band-aid solution

Branding is not a band-aid solution to fix a business problem 🙅🏻‍♂️⁣ Never. Ever. Nope ❌⁣ My thoughts on this, is that I see a rebrand as a great thing to do while your businesses is on the up. At a stage of positive growth or transition where a new look and feel WOULDN’T be a risky move.⁣ On the flip side, simply avoid engaging in a rebrand when on the decline or at rock bottom…UNLESS there are a considerable amount of other cogs in motion that don’t hinge on a brand identity needing to be well received. ⁣ Your business should be able to run with or without a professional brand identity, history is proof of that. But if there are underlying fundamental problems with how your business operates, is turning over revenue (or not at all) or retaining customers/employees…branding isn’t the answer by a long shot. At best it gives you the confidence and long term direction for you and your consumers to see where you’re headed.⁣ Though with that said a rebrand on the up can still be risky. Uber did it in 2016, which was not well received - though you might say because it was a confusing identity, especially compared to their new 2019 identity. On the other hand, Yahoo! which I mentioned yesterday, has just rebranded off the back of a plethora of new company wide offerings, where time will tell if this is a good move.⁣ But my point remains that if you currently have a sliver of brand awareness and brand equity/recognition, a brand refresh can be a good thing on the up, but it’s still a risky move. ⁣ While I couldn’t be more bullish about not engaging in a rebrand if it’s purely the solution you think is going to dig you out of the hole your business is in. Let it only be part of the greater solution 👌


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