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Branding is your business's identifiable personality

The way your business brands itself visually, verbally and written is a big part of how your business is identified and stands out from the crowd…no doubts there.⁣ But the intangible gut feeling you get from a brand is what defines its personality.⁣ The first guests we had one our @brandingbanter podcast, from Men on Fire summed this up amazingly well. As Hannah, before Delphie and I even had the chance to introduce her 😂 shared her perspective that just like a person has a unique personality, branding to them is their businesses personality.⁣ So as a people we have physical traits:⁣ • our looks⁣ • what we wear

• how we do our hair and makeup ⁣ But just the same as our human personality, a brand also needs to convey these same things:⁣ • our tone of voice ⁣ • mannerisms and expressions⁣ • thought process⁣ • our story⁣ • and the big one…empathy⁣ Ultimately you and your team set the tone and influence the personality of the business as the buck starts with you. But it also ends at the customer. So it needs to be a personality that your target customer can relate to and want to get to know.⁣ So if, as a business owner, your view of branding is purely focused on the tip of the iceberg - being your logo. A brand is a whole lot more than that, as branding also comes down to how your business conveys an identifiable personality.


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