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Brand Identity process in 8 steps or less

I talk a lot about the fundamentals and tactics that explain why ‘brand’ and focusing on your branding is important to the longevity of your business. ⁣ But I’ve neglected to focus on the process you can expect from G'day Frank when looking to brand your new business or taking the opportunity to re-brand.⁣ SO! In an 80s themed #tbt post (I am a child of the 80s after all), I’ve made a quick overview of the steps you can typically expect in our brand identity process. Though no two businesses are alike, so I understand your needs are going to be different from Joe’s Pizza chain. Meaning, this process may include more or less of the following:⁣ 1. Say g’day

2. Discovery session (strategy level)

3. Agreement (i.e. contract)

4. Research

5. Messaging

6. Visual Identity

7. Revisions

8. Extra deliverables⁣

Though to be clear, each step of our process doesn’t happen without the step before it. As each step prior, informs that next step. Hopefully not confusing 🤪⁣ But you might be thinking “But Frank, I only needed a logo?”. I totally get it. But to get there, these are the steps I make with you to confidently create a logo that works for your business for the next decade and hopefully beyond. ⁣ However here’s the biggest kicker… I want to know if a new logo is going to help your business first and if it’ll solve the real problem that has you knocking on my door. Which could be (and I’ve experienced): ⁣ • You need more customers that understand your business.
⁣ • You need to make $X more a year.⁣ • You’re not charging what you should be because you don’t believe you look as professional as your competitor.⁣ BUT if I believe a new logo isn’t going to do shit (absolutely nothing) for your business, I’ll strongly advise against it.⁣ The way I see it, is that it’s of greater value to your business to start at the strategic level, than it is to skip straight to step 6. Because we get on the same page of achieving your goals. So if anything, trust the process 😊


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