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Be the guide, not the hero

Updated: May 10, 2019

In our own lives we are the hero of our own stories - but as a business, we need to be mindful that our customer is the hero and we are their guide in our brand’s story.

I touched on this concept of being Yoda to their Luke Skywalker in a post I made early this week but wanted to explore it further as I begin to grasp and implement this concept into my own business…and because it was an excuse to dig out my lightsaber from the garage to illustrate the point 😅 As customers, we’re able to pickup the lightsaber and follow our own destiny. As a brand, we instead need to show others how to use the lightsaber so as to show them how to succeed and advise the path they can take with our knowledge. …ok enough Star Wars references. So if we are the supporting character of our brand, we need to define who the true hero is in our story. And to give you an example, I started thinking about this concept of a story brand during a chat I had today with a mate of mine, Jason from Spirit Taekwondo. Jason teaches Taekwondo for all ages but mainly for kids. In this situation you might think the hero of his brand story are the kids learning the discipline of this martial art... NOPE. The hero in Spirit TKD’s brand story is actually the parents - they are the customers who buy into the brand. They are the ones who themselves are the guide for their own little heroes. A parents needs are to make sure their kids are entertained and grow up with valuable life skills to be able to protect themselves and thrive... rather than sitting in front of a screen playing Fortnite.

So for Jason, he needs to guide parents through the service he provides and how it can better the child's life but more importantly the parents life in the form of a better disciplined and engaged child, if he's got any chance of that parent becoming a customer. So if we are to inspire, show leadership, build trust, create change, convey relatability or express empathy towards our customers... we are otherwise unable to do this as the hero. Be the guide 🙌 your customers will thank you for it.


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