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A brand experience

👓 I talk a lot about brand experiences and for good reason - It’s what your customers will remember you by and refer their friends to your business 💁🏻‍♂️ Today I had another great brand preface this, I did win a competition where I won a pair of their prescription glasses. However the experience was just the same as my previous visit to another of their stores when I bought my last pair. During my first experience with this brand mid last year, the friendly and approachable service along with store decor and layout is like the Apple of optical stores. Consistent and inviting - a simple brand experience done well. And today was no different What I do like most about this Aussie brand is that they sell the glasses they also design and make, unlike the majority if other optical stores in Australia. From a friendly and seamless service, the experience of having an eye test, to trying on just about the whole stores worth of frames - are all made so easy. I walked out with a signature tote bag with their logo emblazoned on it that I absolutely love and the detail of their packaging and branded elements, including their glasses are beautifully understated. Do I recommend this Oscar Wylee to friends and family? Hell yeah I do! Just the same as I do other brands that offer a great and consistent experience, not just a great product. So thank you @oscarwylee for another enjoyable experience, I can’t wait to receive my appropriately chosen ‘Francis’ style glasses 🤓


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