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6 reasons why your business deserves to have a custom logo

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

This isn’t a post about bagging any business with a pre-made and bought logo or if you use an auto-generated logo 🙅🏻‍♂️⁣ However, do you believe your business is worth more to you and your customers than having a logo that may be the same logo another business is rocking…? Or simply utilising a logo that doesn’t mean anything to you?⁣

1. Stand up tall

A pre-made logo will fail to capture what makes your business stand out in its market. Without an identity that reflects who you are, what you do and who it’s for - your brand may become a sheep in the flock.

2. Not the right fit

Would you or your bride-to-be, prefer a wedding dress off the rack or a wedding dress that was custom made for your wedding day? Similar to a dress, an identity that custom fits your brand will make it something you can be proud of.

3. Target who?

“Who ordered the smash avo on toast?” An identity that doesn’t consider & grab the attention of your target customer, means you might be losing out to the guy next door who sells the same avocado on toast... but with artisan sourdough bread!

4. Licence to kill

No one wants a cease and desist letter in their inbox for logo copyright or IP infringement. An auto generated logo might also kill your plans to register or trademark the logo if it’s under a licensed agreement, as other brands may use it.

5. Carbon copy

The sad fact is you might just look like everyone else. There might be 2205 other bakeries with the same whisk icon in their logo. Or 4862 plumbers with the same spanner logo. You didn’t open a business to look like another, did you?

6. Car troubles

You may in-fact not own a pre-made logo. Given others could be using the same elements, the logo might be licenced to you for a specified use or time. Which is like leasing a car for 20 years when you could have bought it for the cost of 10.


The process many great designers will take you and your business on to create a custom logo, will involve you in that process. A process that takes the time to consider and understand your business, your customers and how it can become memorable and recognisable to your target market. ⁣ We know this process can amplify the result of a logo design over time, as we hope it will be an identity you can stick with for the life of your business.⁣ In any case, I simply hope your logo or brand identity, as a whole, is something that you can proudly stand behind and helps bring customers through your doors 🤩


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