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5 tips to make your brand memorable

5 tips that make your brand memorable in the eyes of your customers 🤩

1. Strategy

A brand that strategically identifies why, how & what they do what they do, is a brand that knows their customers needs and provides a standout experience to be remembered.

2. Logo

A memorable logo is simple and adaptable in its form and colour across your branded

touch points. Your logo is how your customer will recognise your brand from afar.

3. Messaging

Communicating with a clear and unique tone of voice will represent your brand as one unified entity. Effective messaging connects with your customers at their level and identifies their pain points with empathy.

4. Consistency

A consistent brand is more than keeping your packaging, website and social media looking visually consistent. Give your customers a consistent experience that becomes the secret sauce they keep coming back for and can rely on.

5. Experience

A brand is no longer what your logo looks like or what benefits you offer. A brand is the experience your customer will remember you by and tell their friends about.


  • Understand your brand & customers,

  • Create a recognisable logo,

  • Have a clear message & unique voice,

  • Offer a consistent experience,

  • Make it a memorable experience.


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