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4 people every small business needs

I’ve seen Gary Vee (Vaynerchuck) say this a heap of times to business owners of all sizes. ⁣ These 4 people are his answer to every business looking to connect better with their customers and audiences online. Either organically, through better marketing and by doing less selling, more providing value.⁣ Personally it’s what I have come to realise is the better way to establish a brand presence. But from experience it requires an absolute tonne of effort to create audio, visual and written word content yourself. No matter if you are a personal brand or company.⁣ Creating content is what Gary believes is what all businesses should be doing TODAY👇 or be left behind with a crazy case of FOMO tomorrow 👉⁣ So the pillars of producing a next level online presence, is to have one or many of the following, dependant on how ambitious you want to be with your content creation and connections you hope to make with your audience and potential customers:⁣ 🎨 An ‘Art’ person - someone who can design visual content⁣

🎥 A ‘Video’ person - someone who can produce, shoot and edit video content⁣

✍🏻 A ‘Words’ person - someone that is a copywriting gem for your content⁣

📈 A ‘Math’ person - someone that understands online marketing and ads

🦄 While finding a unicorn that can do all four things sounds ideal, that person can’t be all things for your business.

So a team of these types of creatives and online experts can be the difference your business is looking to make by investing in your brand; to improve your brand awareness, customer experience and customer acquisition 🙌⁣


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