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Why customers aren't picking you first over a cheap option

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Those of you in the beauty industry would see this on a daily basis, I’m sure. ⁣ AND you might also encounter the bad hair cuts, half-baked dye jobs or dodgy acrylics. They end up at your door paying double or triple what it originally cost them to repair it, which is great for you, but naaaht good for them.⁣ …However, why didn’t they come to you in the first place?⁣ After all, you offer an A+ service and a competitive rate for the value you deliver, yet your target customer goes for the cheap quick fix and gets a dud hair extension that looks like a possum nested up in there! Like what the actual fuck?⁣ So to overcome something like a customer not seeing your value, it comes down to the experience and results your provide. But more importantly, how you communicate that 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️⁣ Experience in both the years of experience you have doing what you do as a beautician, as well as the experience your customer has when they visit your shop. I’ve seen friends who are treated with wine and cheeseboards to go along with a banging hair-do at the salon they frequent 🥂 ⁣ Though it’s not just about what you do while they’re in the room. It’s the memory they are left with and what invokes that memory. This is where it could be through your logo on your social media or even your signage that communicates that feeling of a valuable service they experienced when they recognise your branding 🤩⁣ While results are obviously the end product you deliver. If a customer walks out with a killer set of nails, they’ll be straight on Instagram or Snapchat to show anyone who cares. This is where you’re no doubt jumping on that engagement. But if you’re not also sharing your results proactively rather than reactively when a customer does, you’re missing out on a golden branded opportunity. Showing results, testimonials, comments and photos of your customers experience, positions you as a go-to option as it communicates your value with social proof!⁣ So if this is you (even if you’re in a different industry), consider how you can position yourself to be the first choice…rather than being sloppy seconds 😉


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