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Let's clarify your brand direction, to craft an engaging message and visuals that create a memorable brand identity for your business.

We want to pinpoint your position in the market to develop a brand your customers can't forget and want to buy from.


Branding Services

A new brand identity,

a brand refresh, or

branding touchpoints

No matter what stage you're at of developing a brand for your customers, I help you create a unique identity or refresh an existing identity to adapt to new goals or market conditions.

You may also have your branding sorted and only require new or updated touchpoints to be serviced. Be it your website, brochures, signage, packaging or apparel, I can help.


Brand Direction

Where are you headed?

What makes a brand is the perception your customers have about you, your product or your service. Simultaneously there is an internal direction needed for your brand to bridge the gap between your business offering and your ideal customers to meet your business goals. In doing so, the identity we create for your business becomes a big part of the reason why particular customers will choose and remember you.

Utilising that direction

Think of this as your playbook to maintain a consistent identity, customer experience and internal team understanding. This first involves identifying your customers & defining your position in the market (values, purpose, competitive advantage) to communicate your brand direction. This forms the core part of your brand identity that influences its message, logo and any brand decisions moving toward success.

Your customers






Business offering


Through an in-person/video call meeting, I guide your team through a strategic workshop to develop your brand direction.

The workshop consists of multiple exercises that help us to nail your offering, who your ideal customers are and how we can delight them, stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.

Define your brand's 'why', 'how' & 'what'

Discover your brand's core attributes

Identify your customers and their needs

Outline and prioritise your goals



A voice becomes part of your recognisable brand identity.

It's time to develop a clear and consistent message that engages your customers. Because an unclear and boring tone of voice and message on your website, social media or email marketing can lose customers and in turn, potential sales.

I help you craft copy that you won't need to hire a copywriter for, which gives you consistent messaging for your website, content and sales material.

Asset 85_2x.png


To develop a clear and engaging message we create a brand story that tells both your's and your customer's story. A story for them to connect with and your team to empathise with.


Part of that story requires knowing how to communicate it in different ways and to different people. So that you are confident when delivering your elevator pitch in seconds.

Develop a story for your brand

Create your direct call-to-action

Craft a catchy and memorable tagline

Deliver a simple, knockout USP/UVP

Translate your message into content marketing that is consistent



Your brand needs

an identity that is recognisable and memorable.

A logo is how your customer will recognise you from metres away, a brand is what your customers remember when they walk away. We help you create a visual identity that aligns with and is influenced by your brand direction. To uniquely stand out to the point where customers will even think of you when they see the same colour used elsewhere.



Every brand needs a visual identity as a visual code for your customers to interpret. If you can keep it consistent across all touchpoints, even better, as it will leave a lasting first impression.


So I help you develop simple but effective logos, fonts & colours that can easily translate across a range of branded touchpoints, both now and into the future.

Logos that become your calling card

Guidelines that keep your brand consistent

Stationery, packaging & signage assets

Social media & marketing content

Website design & photography

I help you start your podcast with clarity and confidence. We elevate your voice with a standout podcast your audience can connect with. So that it becomes memorable, shared and listened to, episode after episode.

Podcast Cover Art

Podcast Hosting Setup

Podcast Strategy

Audio Branding

Logo & Web Design




Why does my business need branding?

Your Brand is what you’ll be remembered for and potentially purchased because of. Establishing your branding - your look, sound, voice, benefit, value, values, goals and defining your ideal customer - is a game of long term brand identity building for business success. It's what helps people recognise, connect with, trust and percieve your business as more valuable to them over others in your market. However you may simply need a brand refresh. During a Brand Workshop we get to know your goals and create a plan for how we can update your identity to align with a new brand direction, new product/service offering or new customer segment.

Isn’t marketing & ads more important?

To us, they are just as important as branding. If you don't quite agree, can your ads and marketing look and sound identifiably YOU with consistency, without branding? We see it as a symbiotic relationship. For example, at first contact with a new audience, marketing and ads help find your ideal customer. While branding will help you to be recognised and engaged with.

How long does branding take?

1-3 months typically* The timeline looks like this: - Agreements (1 week) - Brand Workshop (half-full day) - Brand Direction (1 week) - Messaging (1-2 weeks) - Visual Identity (2-4 weeks) - Brand guidelines (1 week) Also allowing for revisions & billings *Typical branding timeline based on small business identity

How much does branding cost?

Unfortunately I can't give you a set cost. I know, sorry. Ballpark though: $5k - $25k+ Our branding projects vary between the clients we work with as the pain points, needs and goals are different and no two businesses are the same. If you get in contact, our initial discovery call will shed light on a price for how we can hit your goals. The most beneficial goal for us both in our first conversation is for me to understand your business, your needs and the real value to your solution. In doing so, we can determine the best associated price or set of packages that are tailored for your needs.

What does branding include?

Not all projects are equal in their scope. Typically, branding with G'day Frank includes: - Brand Workshop meeting (half-full day) - Brand Direction - Messaging - Visual Identity - Brand guidelines - Misc. branded touchpoints (eg. business card)

Is a visual identity just the logo, or is it more?

Yep, more than a logo. A visual identity can include: - A logo and several variations - Typefaces/fonts (free, paid or custom) - Brand colours - Graphic elements/illustrations - Photography/image treatment - Animated logo/graphics Along with a guide that shows how all is used

But all I want is a logo, not branding...

Do you like a pie without any filling? It’s what’s inside that makes it taste as good as it looks. Branding really is no different. Your logo will be a unique identifier for customers to know it’s your business. But it’s empty without an identity that connects, just like we connect with the personality of a friend and not just with their appearance. Which is why we ensure that you have all the pieces of the pie needed. Sure you may only require a new logo and we won't make you pay for something you don't need. But for most of our clients we've found that your full brand identity may need realignment for that logo to be purposefully changed.

Do you do more than just branding?

Sure do! I help podcasters start their podcast and build a brand their listeners can connect with. You can find more about that at But I also offer branded touchpoint services, such as: - Podcast setup & planning - Stationery design - Signage & Packaging - Brochures/Flyers - Social media branding - Websites - Photography/Videography (local only) *some may require 3rd party partners

How does the Brand Workshop run?

This initial step before going into the branding process is 4-8 hour workshop with you and your team to uncover what we can about your business, customers and goals. All from your own words. The workshop is a standalone service that acts more like a branding consultation. The result of the workshop helps us identity the needed deliverables as you may not require messaging, brand direction or even a new logo. You can even walk away after the workshop without committing to any further branding steps.


Be a brand that is remembered for more than what you sell