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Tell your story but tell it bigger

Tell your story but tell it bigger.⁣ You might have noticed I’ve been implementing this into our @gdayfrankcontent. Telling our story that is more than just “G’day my name is Frank, look at my branding”.⁣ It’s becoming a big part of what I see as our content strategy AND the strategy many big (and small) brands are also starting to implement in their content 🙌⁣ To frame it this way, the fog between figuring out how NOT to sell, sell, sell, is burning away. Where I’m beginning to see that value lies in communicating who you are as a business especially on socials. It’s a mindset shift to give, give, give, make connections, then see what happens 🙊⁣ Interestingly, our content doesn’t start with What we do. It starts with Why we believe what we believe and How we see branding as a solution to certain business problems. We leave the What mainly for our website. As consumers, we usually don’t know a brand’s Why or How, so I broadly see content as a great opportunity to connect and share. To build our brand and go BIGGER with this strategy. ⁣ So far it’s clicked for us and is revealing itself as something all businesses will need to do on social media. Remember, it’s called social media for a reason, not Shopify 😉⁣ If we’re providing value and insight of who we are - it builds rapport, trust, respect and possibly even authority. Consumers of your content will see that value and it makes total sense for them to want (not need) what you have to offer…without you asking. Crazy, huh? 🤪⁣ So rather than just posting our branding work, we zag. With content made to connect with fellow business owners. Or at a wider angle, show our truth in that we perhaps know what we’re talking about 🤞⁣ The payoff might be that we become a valuable solution for your business. If not, that’s still ok. AND If we happen to bring designers along with us, that’s amazing! Because we know we’re resonating and building connections with you guys, our peers. ⁣ It means a buttload of daily content just to be able to deliver on that strategy. But by finding your brand’s voice and getting your message and your story out there, big things might just happen 🤩


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