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Social engagement for the hospitality industry

A marketing study in the U.S. found that 45% of diners have tried a restaurant because of something they had seen or read about it on social media.⁣ A social media presence for restaurants, cafés & bars to actively maintain has become ubiquitous in the hospitality industry. As 74% of those who participated in the same study who actively follow and engage with restaurant brands on social media, said they're more likely to visit or order food from those establishments.⁣ Communicating your brand is more than just sexy food/drink shots (although they do help)… it requires consistency of:⁣ 🍽 An aesthetic look of your visual content and branding, which could be a certain colour palette or filter used for each image. Even your logo for brand recognition of your profile image in their social feed.⁣ ☕️ A distinct personality suited to the style of the establishment when engaging with followers in comments, tagged photos or direct messages.⁣ 🍸 Content that is appropriate for your brand and creates engagement in the form of commenting and sharing with others that creates return customers AND new customers.⁣ I’ve seen this happen with one of my clients @antojitosnewcastle - just about any photo of their tacos has followers salivating while they tag their friends, partners, colleagues or family members in a comment. ⁣ The more you can positively interact with your customers over social, the greater chance of organic growth… which the guys have done at Antojitos without a single social ad buy in their 5 years. ⁣ How your brand positions and presents itself to your patrons, both in person and on social, is what makes you stand out, especially if you’re 1 of 5 coffee shops within a 50m radius.⁣


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