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How do you introduce yourself?

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone who asks what you do? “G’day I’m Frank, I run a design business that designs recognisable and memorable brand identities for businesses to delight their customers and thrive” Before I got this USP down pat for @gdayfrank, I used to woffle on and on about what I did until my wife’s eyes would roll to the back of her head 😅 We should be able to clearly communicate a well rehearsed and succinct brand message when introducing ourselves at a party, a business meeting or a social gathering so that we open a dialogue for further conversation. Saying it over and over, not just verbally but on your social media, on your website, in your direct marketing or on your stationery, creates a recognisable brand. Its what people want to see and hear when they come across your business to know what you’re about. Earlier this week I heard an analogy similar to this one, in that being repetitive in your message is just the same as Elton John getting up on stage, night after night, singing ‘Rocket Man’. He could easily play some new experimental music but that’s not what his audience want. They come to his concerts to hear the same song they first heard back in 1972. And it’s how we put two and two together as an audience. We see Elton on stage wearing his signature sequins jacket and glasses 🤩 (his logo) and listen to his timeless music 🎶(his product) being belted out with the same energy night after night. This makes up the memorable brand we recognise as as Elton John. 👉 So, being clear and repetitive with the same gusto each time we engage with our customers, is a big positive for our brand. The more we get our message out there consistently, the greater chance we have of creating a memorable brand.


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