Brand My Podcast - Ep 8

Quality microphone or quality content?

If you’re starting out and getting stuck on the thought of what microphone you need to be professional with, hold your horses.

You’re forgetting what ideal listeners are coming to listen to your podcast for. Your content! Well, you as well or for your guest, but both are what make up the delivery of the content.

Your audio quality is not the make or break of what makes a good, if not a great podcast. Because in whatever stage you are of your business or personal brand presence you always have the opportunity to level up your audio quality. But you want to jump out of the gate with fire podcast content that is maintained consistently.

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(Note this may not have been correctly edited when transcribed)

When podcasting especially when starting out we want to be focusing on a couple of different things obviously you're having a job with your gear what you going to talk about, and then you going to have on and how you can record and how you can edit it.

Does all these considerations. One of the main ones that we do get bogged down in is the gear side of things. What microphone I need that kind of stuff, but I'm here to tell you in this episode that we want to focus more on the qualitative content as opposed to the quality of our audio when starting out explain that let's roll the titles.

G'day and welcome to the next episode of Brand My Podcast.

I'm your host as always Frank, this is episode 8 and this one is for those if you that are getting bogged down in the details of your gear.

Especially worrying about what the quality sounds like sure

you might have the best stuff out there just yet, and you

can always iterate over time with the way that you both process

your audio record your audio and the mic you use or the camera.

Use whatever it might be if that's not stressing you out

of here to tell you that that shouldn't be your focus necessarily.

And if that's your jam, and this is what you really are into

by all means or if it's a podcast about audio equipment and

audio files, then short.

That is something I can understand but for the most part

in for most of us starting out and podcasting.

We want to ensure that the quality of our car.

10 is greater than what the quality of that audio is both

this as great as each other fantastic, and that's the ideal

and result there, but what's most important is the quality

of our content to begin with?


I thought of this topic that I've ever felt needed to be

covered here?

Because I myself got bogged down in that kind of stuff on

a first date of podcast and it was thinking about that kind

of saying quality over quantity, which is kind of applicable.

I guess in this respect where you going to pump at episodes

episodes. You know just to have more numbers, but the quality

of that content that you have needs to draw in a listener

to keep them coming back for more and advocating for your

podcast telling others about that episode of that.

Just listen to so when we thinking about quality over quantity.

This case content quality over audio quality.

We need to shift our priorities in the right space, especially

when starting out because this is the biggest thing is that

you can always iterate over time, but what I want to do before

we move on is focus on what is quality content and to break

it down there what we want to focus on is 5 different kinds

of things here.

The first is content.

That is relevant to your podcast.

We don't want to have random bits and pieces here, and there,

unless you're podcast is quite general in its nature of what

it is you talk about will be also want to have is a podcast

that gives our listeners a solid takeaway that they can you

know feel like that time that they invested in listening

to your podcast, but it just yourself all with a guest was

a value to them, which if you do that the next tip is having

content that.

What's the mean and keeps them there to listen to the whole

episode amazing thing about podcast?

Is it generally does and it brings back people, even if they

haven't finished a whole episode then I listen to it in 2/2

I drop the kids off at school, and they come back to it and

listen to it again.

The other kind of way of content being of quality in a Valley

who is content that connects.

If it's a story, especially like story telling you something

that inherently humans are looking for and engage with and

if that is a connection point with your audience there, maybe

that one listens it out there that it's experience what you've

experienced or what your guests has experienced the other

side of the coin of connection is building a rapport with

you or your guests.

So if you're giving your listen to something to connect with

in a give me some insight into who you are or who your guests

are and being.

Be a little bit vulnerable depending on what the subject

matter is or letting your personality shine in that respect

to give people an understanding of who they're buying into

here who they want to advocate for the one of love and trust

in and listen to and and get that value from and if you doing

all of that, we need to be doing that consistently, so if

you're showing up consistently be at daily weekly, and every

second week or a monthly podcast if you all listeners know

when to find you and when you're going to be showing up is

that quality content that in itself is providing some quality

there? You are showing up consistently, so there are five

kind of general.

Can't keep the broadly applicable depending on what type

of podcast you have beard interviews be at solo educational

type of content like this kind of podcast is.

Affairs, whatever.

It might be we want to show up with something that people

find value in time and time again, and it might not take

long to get that listenership, or it.

Might take a very long time to have people see what you're

delivering. It.

Might take years.

If I take a couple of years to get the following that you

are looking for hoping to achieve those active listeners

to keep coming back for more and that needs to be a reality

check for a lot of us, but if we're doing what we do best

is and what we can only do best is offer quality content

then that's what we need to be doing if this is what you're

interested in.

This is what you're interested in doing want to give this

value away to your listeners.

We need to keep showing up.

We need to keep offering something that they can connect

with that.

They have something to take away with that they find.

Relevant to what they have come here for in the first place

so that makes sense, but with you not in terms of the whole

quality of audio and quality of content.

This is something that you can build up over time, and it

both of your gear.

You can it hurt.

You can change my ex you can and change your whole setup

and everything to make it sound better and look advocate

for doing so but there's a time and a place to do that as

well, and it's the same exactly the same with your content.

No one.

I don't think from the get-go is expecting you to have the

most amazing in a golden nuggets possible in your first few

episodes, especially if you're new to this and especially

if you're yet really big a foundational brand around you

or your business that is podcast is related to Sophie just

starting now and Andy podcast.

Is that first kind of?

You know you did in your toe into the water moment along

with your Instagram and tick tock and an email list and website

and LinkedIn all the different touch points.

If you're new to all these things, then your quality of content.

Most likely is going to always going to get better with time.

I like a fine wine.

You might say you will find out what works what people respond

to more and you also have the opportunity to ask questions

of your listeners of your audience to find out what they

want to hear to get that feedback overtime to create better

quality audio, so the point here is that people will forgive

you for the not hitting them like there with the greatest

of audio.

What's a few just recording on your phone people will forgive

you if you're just using phone and some earphones with it

to record.

Those first foundational kind of episodes.

That's ok.

What most my Is in that case is that you are delivering at

least something of value to your listeners so that they want

to come back for the next episode and the next episode because

that is where the podcast gear becomes irrelevant.

If you're dropping bombs, you have all this knowledge in

your head that you just want to share or you want to share

your experiences, or you want to share what your general

interests are with someone else that has that same interest

then share that sure that excitement attended you said that

interest knowledge all those things from the get-go as best

you can and it's best you can articulate in your own words

as well, because that's another aspect of quality is the

quality of your voice and no one's expecting you to have

a broadcast 80 representative voice from the get-go if you've

never stepped up to a mic before but has it a guess that

again in 10 2050.

Maybe 100 episodes it ok that your voice in your quality

of your voice, and how your internet and how you Converse

with others will become far far better with that practice

that quality.

Not expected to be there from the beginning people will forgive

you for it, and you'll get better with time, and that's ok,

and I guess just to reiterate that you know if you are starting

out. You do have the luxury of a guess a small of following

and I'm not trying to put in a anything like that.

It's it's more a case of if you are starting out in this

this space.

You have the luxury of not having that following and you

had that opportunity to get things right by just starting

at least you're doing something, but you know in your heart.

I would imagine that it's a long-term play.

You will only get better in you'll get better guests and

you'll get better gear and you'll get better the way you

can verse and speak of the cough or from a teleprompter.

Whatever use your process.

It will get better, but you have that luxury if you were

starting out.

So if that's you and you have 100 followers on your social

me. Light forms that's ok.

Still start a podcast share what you know what you're interested

in because you have the luxury of not having that added me

on your own inner shoulders that you've been posted yourself

in your own head that makes you feel like you need this needs

to be bigger than Ben Hur when you first start out now on

the other side.

If you do have a big following then you don't quite have

as much luxury there to get it right the first time you are

expected to have all those knowledge bombs that you might

already put out in other platform.

However you have the quality of content to begin with so

that should be the product getting that done first if you

can afford better gear if you can afford someone else to

shoot it for you recorded.

Are you heading off for you great?

You got that you've got the advantage right there?

We don't have the luxury in that respect to make mistakes,

and it's a little bit harder to be you know a podcast that

doesn't start out all that professionally.

People and your audience, especially those followers who

follow you from your Instagram from your Tik Tok from your

LinkedIn from your email is to your podcast will still appreciate

that authenticity.

If you show up, authentically and you said look you'll ever

with people if they look I'm you this.

I'm still figuring my shoot out here, and I want to use this

as a platform to connect with you on a different way, if

you're not already connected with them through video audio

this is that chance to hear your voice hear your tone hear

that emotion excitement that interest.

That's your opportunity to level with your audience, and

to use this as a more in a vulnerable way of expressing who

you are and people tap into that brand that you have maybe

see a different side of you that they might not have gotten

from some carousels.

You might have made on Instagram or a real or a tick tock

video of you dancing and pointing and do all that fun stuff.

So this is is that platform for you to recognise it still

in that case Mayweather you starting a brand or you're very

well-known with your brand Focus still on that quality of

your content because that's what people are coming to you

for but look on the dummy for this if audio equipment is

of interest to you and is a value to you and maybe give you

that bit of confidence to get in front of a mic to hit record

to talk and speak your truth what you know what you want

to share.

An upload that then all the power to go out to your local

store. That sells is kind of gear like here in Australia

JB Hi-Fi right there you can pick up the same like that.

I had between 100 to $200.

If you have that budget to work with and that does the job

for you, please.

I really encourage you to do that.

Cos if that's going to give you the confidence in fantastic,

that's what you need to do because that's what was going

to work for you.

If you are comfortable you not too worried about using your

phone and and keep it nice and dirty and edgy, but you have

in a sub that to deliver go with that.

Don't feel pressured to pick up in a Myer can make it a little

bit more complicated for what you want it to be.

That's my tip.

There is is really to invest in this kind of gear the quality

of your audio when you're ready went once you've got your

content sorted.

You've scheduled out.

Things you planned strategized you've got your purpose in

place. You got your cover.

Are you got all these kinds of little things in pieces that

you need to have when starting a podcast?

If you got all that sort it and you're happy and confident

with a to put it out there then by Mike then via fencing

camera if you want to record video and then hire an editor

to edit your podcast for you.

Trade in a contact reader for all these elements that go

with it nail down the real core part of what's going to make

this podcast of your successful first.

But I'm sure you thought of this I may be preaching to the

converted, but just in case if you're considering a new Googling

at the moment, what podcast Mike should I buy or what podcast

mic should I buy?

Play any Mike doesn't really matter what I'm going to tell

you is focus on the quality of your content.

That's it for the episode.

I hope that was helpful.

No matter where you are in the process of building your own

brand starting a podcast or using this as an extension of

your business until the next episode.

I will see you then leave a like and review Alyssa whatever

podcast but until then I will see you in the next episode