Brand My Podcast - Ep 4

Updated: Feb 1

What should you name your podcast?

You've got a great idea for a podcast, nailed down the purpose of why it's needed, who it's for and how it can help others. But what are you going to call it? That's what this episode of Brand My Podcast is about and I hope it sparks some ideas for the title of your amazing new podcast.

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00:00> Welcome back to Brand My Podcast. I'm Frank, and I'm so grateful you hear back listening for another episode because I'm enjoying the hell out of making this to help you start your podcast with confidence and make podcasting as easy as pressing record. Now, I'm going to dive straight into this episode because this is a crucial one when starting your podcast. So where are we at that stage? I'm hoping of wanting to start your podcast, but like, what do I call it? How A, stand out, B, you know, clever or memorable and all these kind of things that we're all thinking about when starting a podcast so people can find it.

00:42> Search it, love it, listen to it , talk about it, all these kind of things. So think of it like starting your business or a business. I don't know whether or not you have done this before. I started my own business and coming up with a name for that was pretty difficult. Finding one that is unique, you know, hasn't been used. And we don't want to change the name either, because it gets tricky. I mean, sure, you can change it, you're able to change it. But we don't want our listeners getting confused and having to look up a different name when they can't remember it.

01:13> They keep typing in the old one and doesn't appear. So we've got to get a few different things right now. What we want to do from the start here, though, is just make sure we've got these first three considerations down pat. The first and most importantly here is what is your podcast about? Because that's going to influence what your decision of naming is. The second is, is this tied to your business? So there's a few different pros and cons here. The first is that if you add your business name to the title of your podcast, that can help things like SEO and searchability and it just marries everything up with your existing brand for your business.

01:54> So it's consistent, all those different touchpoints that you have. If you're on Sociales, if you're doing a podcast, if you have a blog, if you've got your website, you know you're showing up in Google, keep it, you know, consistent. So that's an idea right there for what you could call your podcast nice and easy. The third consideration here is do you have an existing personal brand, you know, an audience away from podcasting that already know you. And you can you know, this podcast is going to be talking about things that, you know, because I know a heap of different podcasters that simply use their name.

02:32> But again, I'm going to get into that. So with that in mind, here are five naming conventions that I want to give you that might inspire the name for your podcast. Now, the first is. You know, very obviously, based on the topic of what you're going to be talking about in your podcast. You know, keeping it very simple, but also being clever to include keywords about the topic of what you're going to be talking about on that podcast. So if it's one, two or three, to give you an example, one of my podcast, Branning banter, if someone types in Branning, it comes up, you know, nice and simple like that that you can integrate into the name.

03:14> So if someone that knows nothing about you, about your podcast or about your business, let's say, but there's a keyword in there. You're going to appear most likely you're going to appear unless you're in a very saturated market, let's say, but that's a consideration for the first naming convention. The second one to follow on from the topic of what you're talking about is to treat it a bit more punny. With something like a catchphrase or any kind of phrase that is relevant to the topic that you're talking about, you don't need to be like the wittiest person ever to come up with something that is just one of those aha moments or ha ha moments that gets your listeners intrigued about what it is, because it's kind of like a book cover.

04:02> You know, we a lot of us tend to judge a book by its cover and in this instance having something that's punny or funny or has some nice memorability about it and something like a catchphrase, you know, it kind of rhymes. Maybe it's like a book cover. You know, it catches our attention without even hearing it. It might even be something that creates a kind of community sense out of it, which I know my favourite podcast at the moment is called Biz Buds, and they've turned the name of their show into a collective kind of noun, or I'm not too sure what the grammatical term is, but they call the listeners' Biz Buddies.

04:43> So if you can create something like that, perfect, it might be a little tricky. But if you nail it sweet. Now, the third consideration that you could have for a name is kind of like an in-joke. You it's something that your listeners will understand, maybe it's some kind of symbol that you have as part of your podcast. I mean, behind me is some pink lighting, and I could have integrated the word pink or magenta or something like that into the name of my podcast.

05:14> But let's say your topic of conversation is something like Star Wars, like a really niche topic of interest for you, which for me it is. And I could talk about it till the cows come home. And you named it something obscure that only a Star Wars fan would know, you know, to connect with your listeners on that level with a kind of in-joke or reference that only that person would understand. You're right. Then from that first connection point of them discovering your podcast.

05:46> Aligning with that message of what you're going to be talking about. So people really click with it. So let's say, for starters, you could call it the 24 escape podcast. You know, if you get that reference, amazing. OK, it's a pretty niche in-joke, but a true Star Wars fan would get that. Jeeze, maybe I should start a podcast called that because that is amazing. Like off the top of their head. But I digress because the fourth naming convention here is, as I alluded to before, naming it after yourself.

06:22> If you have a personal brand established already or even if you don't, you're building one up. Naming it after your own name can be extremely beneficial for your listeners to find you and connect with you on that personal level. I know someone who does exactly this, her name is Clare Wood. We've connected a lot and I've had her on one of my podcasts and she's built a personal brand because she coaches and consults with business owners and has just called her podcast, the Clare Wood podcast.

06:53> I mean, she immediately says it's not very inventive, but it's perfect for that type of person, you know, building a personal brand to have, again, everything consistent that makes it much easier. Now, there's a caveat to that. And the caveat realistically is, is your name easy to pronounce and spell? This was my biggest consideration when I started my own business today, Frank, was that having Reagan material as the business name was going to be a minefield of problems? Because I've had it all my life.

07:28> People can't pronounce it. People can't remember it, people can't spell it. So I named it Gidday Frank, after my middle name. So you might not choose your full name. It could be your first name or it could be your last name or it could be a middle name. That's a consideration there as a type of naming convention keeps it real simple and easy to remember, especially if you have a built up audience already that know you by that name. And that brings us to the last naming convention. Number five in this list is, as I alluded to right at the start, was naming this podcast.

08:01> Based on your business name, so if it's the actual business, I'm sorry if I just started the great Frank podcast, that'd make a whole heap of sense. I named it Brand, my podcast because that was a side brand that I've created here and done it that way. It helps with SEO. As I mentioned earlier, it keeps everything consistent with your brand. And that's what I want from people that start brands and businesses because it keeps everything consistent. So it's not a different phrase to associate with your existing brand.

08:32> It keeps it nice and simple for your listeners. But that's not it. I'm going to leave you with a couple other little hints, tips, whatever it might be when coming up with your name. And the first one is, is it catchy? The second is, is it memorable? And the third is, is it easy to pronounce and to spell? Because if it is, it becomes memorable right off the bat. But secondly, when someone's typing, you know, they want to find your podcast and listen to your podcast.

09:04> If you're making it hard for them with a really complicated word, you know, don't assume that everyone can spell as great as you are unless your podcast is about spelling and grammar and copywriting. But typically, we want to make it as easy for our listeners as possible. So make it easy to pronounce and spell. It's just like my name. I didn't start Frank as Reagan Mackrill design because in my lifetime, in my 33 years, I've had problems with people pronouncing, spelling and remembering my name.

09:36> I even got called Greg when I introduced myself and said, Reagan. And they said, Greg.

09:44> So keep it simple. The other consideration, which is just popped into my head while talking, is having a name that could also be used in other places. So let's say like my brand, my podcast, that initially wasn't a brand that I'd established. So it wasn't it's not called Grey Frank podcast. I created something that was separate. So what I considered here when creating this name was, is there a domain name available, you know, is the social media handles available if I ever wanted to register that kind of thing. This is something to consider if you wanted to have a standalone brand for your podcast.

10:19> So make sure that's available. But the biggest thing, obviously, which we're just totally dancing around, is that your podcast name needs to be available and no one else is using it. So get on to Apple podcasts or on Spotify and search that name that you've come up with or a couple of names. Don't get attached to them too early because that's just going to cause so much heartache. So search and first see if it's available and then you'll know that you're good to go.

10:51> And then you have a name. You can then press on to the next stage of your podcast. But with that, that is the end of this episode. I hope you come up with a great name. Please send me a M with your inspired podcasts name. I'd love to hear them. Or if you need help with naming your podcast, please reach out. You can find me on Instagram at @gdayfrank or BrandMyPodcast.com - Shoot me an email there and I'd be happy to help you out with that. But what I'm going to say to end the podcast is please, if you are liking this podcast so far, share it with a friend or leave a review.

11:28> If you're listening on Apple podcast, that would be very much appreciated. It keeps me going, keeps me confident. And this is something that obviously you should be asking your listeners as well and that I will see you in the next episode. Bye.