Brand My Podcast - Ep 10

Designing great podcast cover art

This is the episode where we double down into properly producing our podcast show, episode after episode with a clear structure. After all, we want to be taken seriously, so why not give our listeners a show that means business.

Now to give you a prime example of where this episode heads. You know when you watch a major news bulletin at night, they follow a clear structure. It typically goes like this - intro, top stories, more in-depth content, finance, sport, weather, feel-good story and then an outro. THIS is how we want to produce our podcasts and draw those parallels to the news, in a structure that our audience becomes custom to.

Because our listeners are going to have an expectation to hear the same great stuff, time and time again. Especially in a format that feels familiar, recognisable and consistent during their listening experience.

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(Note this may not have been correctly edited when transcribed)

G'day and welcome back to Brand My Podcast.

This is Frank as always has your host of this show and we're at at episode 10.

Come on!

And I'm enjoying this thoroughly creating this show for you as a budding podcasters. Or maybe as a seasoned pro that just likes to hear someone talk shop, but what they're interested in as well, big reason why I listen to a lot of podcasts myself of that kind of nature, so couple things first about the last episode.

You might have heard if you had listened to it.

You might have heard that.

I had a lot of plosive so doing the whole Peas into the the

microphone here makes it look popping sound little bit distracting.

I don't know if it was for you, but for me listening back.

I was like though as well.

I've had to re-record this episode because I'm still trying

to figure out this podmic.

It's a very different microphone to the the blue Yeti microphone

that I have and this was much more naturally sounding to

get this the same similar way for the pod.

Mike is proving to be a bit of a challenge for me.

Really stretchy my knowledge of audio, but it's all part

of the fun for me.

At least so do bear with me as I tweak settings here in there.

Hopefully it becomes a better audio experience for you as

well as learning things along the way and having some takeaway

points are right now.

It's kick into the episode cover art your podcast cover art

is one of those things that people are you remember you for

especially is visual creatures for the most part.

We are looking for something that stands out on the shelf.

I don't care what anyone says about.

We judge.

We don't your shouldn't judge a book by it's cover when it

comes to podcast.

I think a lot of the time.

You can especially when someone stumbles across your podcast.

So when someone does type in those keywords that you've chosen

magically, and that podcast episode we talked about earlier

about picking a name that is suitable to what it is you're

talking about, but including some key words that You can

search for news comes up.

That's a for branding.

I have a podcast called branding banter so on top 10 branding.

It might just come up for them.

What do they been graded with the choice of the podcast the

come up and that cover art?

What are they choose the one that they most like the look

of in most cases?

I know some people aren't that Biggie but as a visual person

as a designer.

That's what I'm looking for.

Just my own aesthetic personal kind of taste, but your audience

might not be as as picky.

Obviously now podcast cover art comes in all shapes and sizes

that the total I it comes in a square you basically got a

square canvas to work with to capture attention to communicate

what it is.

Your podcast is about or who you might be depending on what

you put on there, but the end of the day it's really just

an identification tool.

Just like a logo would be for a business.

We just want to make sure that I'll listen is can recognise

us from you.

Not really small little thumbnail to make sure it's us.

Or it can tell them a little bit give a little bit of an

insight into what the podcast might be about if they are

just discovering you reason why we want to get a podcast

cover art right special the first time is that we probably

only have like Ms but ID like to give it in her our listeners

a bit more credit.

Bit more time to digest what we've got to say 3 seconds 123.

That's not a lot of time for someone to make a judgement

on whether or not to listen to your podcast the sure they

can click in and find out a bit more about what it shows

about in your description for your show, but that podcast

cover art can make or break.


Just like a book on a bookshelf.

Ok, so I'm going to say that we have 3 seconds really to

play with you.

One second perky consideration.

I'm going to give you hear of what makes a great podcast

cover art something to think about when you're designing

a podcast cover, especially because it's the same.

Key considerations time typically thinking about when brand

a business for my clients, so we're going to a tribute one

second perky consideration.

The first second is 4 colour the second second.

I didn't really think it's the second second is for type

and the third second is for imagery, or get into each of

them it so the first one is colour and Colour plays.

The impact of how we recognise things from either distance

from a fart or even the corner of our eye is the first thing

we typically recognise in visual communication.

I'll give you a couple examples where really plays Atwell

the first for me is my son.

We go to a particular shopping mall here in Sydney and no

joke from 100 metres away.


Is this distinct green colour of our favourite Boost Juice

Bar does the brand Boost Juice like her as smoothie kind

of place.

It's just in the middle of a shopping centre.

It's not one of the main stores on either side, but amongst

the sea of all different colours this green stands out and

he can recognise it from 100 metres away.

He's a three-year-old, but he was doing this at 2 years old,

and I filmed in once doing it was like wow that's that's

some serious power of colour Association so that if you become

a saturated.

Play in someone's mind you grab that little one braincell

it they have that are tributes your podcast to that colour.

They see you another different places on your social media

or you email website.

It's going to be in Granger that's of the every time they

said that colour.

They think of your podcast isn't that a great Association

to have I have it even more so with my own ends g'day, Frank

and obviously bring my podcast is an extension of that.

You know with the pink.

Is that every time someone sees a pink coloured object like

the other day.

It was someone's saw a a a Slippery When Wet sign.

That was pink and just said hey this reminded me of you.

I'm like.

I hope it was for the pink and not for the Slippery When

Wet part, but that colour by Association if you have it in

rain in someone's mind.

They're gonna think of you.

Going to be top of mind, so there's some great benefits to

having a great colour choice for your podcast, especially

if it plays.

Another different touch points across the way that you market

your podcast now.

The other part 2 colour is obviously differentiation.

So or distinctively standing out among others like you so

that if you're so that if you have a marketing podcast, let's

say and all the different other marketing podcasts in a typically

have blue or a green or yellow colour involves in their podcast

cover art.

It's incoming on you to decide whether or not you want to

blend in and fit the mould or differentiate differentiate

you're standing out so in a sea of what's a blue and you

decide to pick Red Bull you're instantly standing out from

the rest is typically not the case of podcast is a quite

varied but do a bit of research.

See what your competitive players out there in your podcast

niche are and find a way to stand out.

Is colour but then when shoes in a colour you might think

what colour do I choose?

You might really seem obvious, but there are some colours

that just associate well with the genre of your topic case

in point.

If you had a gardening podcast.

It would be most likely that you're gonna choose green, and

that's what your listen is a probably looking for.

Is that colour association that fits the profile of what

it is you're talking about?

If it's a medical podcast maybe blues in those Aqua kind

of Teal colours would be appropriate if it's a high-energy

kind of Fitness one.

Maybe real electric Blues or reds or yellows.

Hope you get the point that colour.

There's so many facets to this and it is a water psychology

behind it, but try and keep it a simple as possible stick

to one to three.

I'm going to say it most colours.

Don't go beyond that and I'm going to say this as well that

white and Art colour so you can add that in addition to 13

colours never second one is your title design of what fonts

and typefaces you use a find is 1 ft in a family of a typeface.

There's a bit of design learning for you.

Sorry to bother you, too.

Cheers, without little Tiny Tim bit, but what we want to

do, there is pick a font.

That is appropriate to the title of your podcast.

Does the first consideration that if you do have something

that is a more of a modern kind of maybe a tech type of shoes

a clean a fun.

You don't have to go all digital with like looking kind of

plants like a countdown timer type of you know Jack Bauer

blowing it like stopping a bomb kind of timer.

That's about tech like picking something.

It's more modern rather than something that has what you

call Sarah for those little bits of the ends of the letter

shapes and and forms, but if it was more some That was about

a period kind of drama, so you know back in the day kind

of like an Agatha Christie type of thing is having a Serif

font would be more appropriate there.

The other thing is fun choice is ledgerbility so given that

a thumbnail for a podcast can typically sometime to be very

small special offers on someone's phone.

We want them to be able to recognise and read what it says

because if it's too hard to read and someone's not really

going to understand what it is and I might just gloss past

it, so we want to try and make that as evidence illegible,

as we can so my biggest tip.

There is keep it simple, unless you're a design.

You know what you're kinda doing keep it simple.

Don't go too crazy with your phone charge and just keep it

nice and clean rather than real jumbled up all all different

colours of fonts all the rest of it.

Just trying to keep it nice and clean, and then a third one

is imagery now imagery can can Wide gamut of things the main

ones you typically see though with a podcast is either a

photograph of the host or hosts or an illustration of the

posts. You might typically also have a more graphic kind

of style of background or or objects.

That's ok.

It really depends on what kind of podcast you have and it

can be some subject matter that might be easily identifiable

to your niche of audience, and I'll get into an example of

what I mean by that but typically if you want to include

image is well face is really help connect with your listener.

They said at person's face of they see your face.

Let's say, they know instantly who can be listening to again.

We judge a book by it's cover and that since over if you

if you're not all that keen on sharing your face and your

podcast you have a voice for radio type of thing.

I'm going to say you're ugly, but if you're not comfortable

with putting a face at there's no necessity to do so, but

in a Picture Tells a 1000 words.

They say so including a photo of yourself isn't a bad idea

at all.

Especially to begin with so the people can associate and

put a face to the name or to the voice.

Should I say so if putting up a photo isn't quite up your

alley. That's totally ok.

You do have other options, or you can even have someone illustrate

a caricature of yourself a lot of podcast popping up with

that kind of style of late.

It's really fun.

Especially if the tone of your show is quite light-hearted

on the flip side, though, if your tone of your show is a

little bit deeper a little bit more serious.

It might be like I murder mystery type of thing or a recount

of a an actual events that are quite serious subject matter

then picking imagery.

That is tonally.

Appropriate so that people instantly understand.

What kind of vibe your show is if it's bright and colourful

over and beautiful and and in a floral and everything you

get the Viber what is show.

Is it going to be about so picking some imagery.

That is applicable just the same as your front Choice just

the same as your colours is cement to really keep in mind.

They're little tin bit here that I want to cover cos it might

be something that you're wondering whether or not you should

do this.

So when you set up your podcast and you choose your hosting

provider. They ask you to upload your cover right and typically

that cover 8 is applied to every single episode when you

upload a new episode, but some hosting providers allow you

to attribute is selective.

Podcast cover art for that specific episode that you upload

so could be a customer with an image of the guests that you

have on other a name or Specific about this subject matter

what you're talking about in that episode to customise it

to that way when it comes up on Spotify or apple.

There's a custom.

Bit of artwork.

That's relevant to what is being talked about or who you're

talking to whether or not you should do this and it is totally

up to you.

It doesn't make too much difference, but what I would say

though. Is that the one consideration?

I have is consistency and identifiably Drilling that podcast

cover out of yours into their minds that when they see it

appear in different other places, especially on.

Let's see if you have a guest opportunity on someone else's

podcasts. Are you a guest on their show?

And they share your podcast cover and some of their marketing.

Maybe or you feature on a Blog somewhere.

You keep that cover art consistent, so the people see that

and they're not confused by a separate individualised podcast

cover art for a particular episode.

It's not to say don't do it either person is something I

do what I do instead.

Though is customised how I market my cover art so with to

read shares.

I add a little circle with the space and their name and use

that to market on Instagram or on my email newsletter or

on LinkedIn and customise it that way so that way that person

that's looking on social a knows who it is.

I'm talking with and then I can click through and then they

can you not listen to the podcast episode.

So that's a little to hear that you want to share their because

it's it's a question that does pop up from time to time.

Can you play wonder whether or not you should just use the

same podcast cover right for every episode or change it up.

So it's totally up to you now if you were a designer you

you know how to design this stuff Photoshop it could be Illustrator

it could be the Adobe XD whatever you want to use to create

your cover art go for it.


It needs to be is a JPEG or PNG image don't make it too,

big and 10.

It doesn't need to be all that big most podcast hosting providers

brought advise you what size to make it.

It's typically anything bigger than 1000 by 1000 pixels now.

If you are a designer.

You have two options here.

One is I'm going to spooky my own service if you had to brand

MY podcast.com.

You can check out my services there.

I do offer podcast art design as a service, so I'll be happy

and I would love to create your cover art.

But if you'd like to do it yourself.

It's just as achievable, and you could use a program or it's

an online tool.

Should I say called camber?

So if you got a canva.com, it is the simplest online tool

for creating graphics for both your cover art for your podcast

an even graphics for marketing your podcast on your social

media. It's drag-and-drop.

It's not a steep learning curve.

They have fonts include colours visual elements that you

could use.

And it also allows you to cut out the background of an image

of yourself.

If you've taken a shot on say a plain background already,

and you want to cut it out.

It has an integrated tool for you to be able to do so now.

There's a link in my recent newsletter about it.

If you sign up to that otherwise go to canva.com and you

can sign up for a free account, but there are some features

that are the payroll.

I think it's about $150 Australian a year.

So pretty affordable for something.

That is powerful is it is and can help you market your podcast

at the same time with some cool graphics, so that's the end

of the episode there.

I hope you took a waste something valuable from thinking

about how to design some great cover.

Art is not to say that you can't update your cover over time.

I've done a refresh of my podcast cover arts in the past

now if you want to hit me up on Instagram mechanic with me

there. There's some extra content in addition to what I put

out. Podcast if you go to at g'day Frank on Instagram you

can find me there or find out more information about connecting

with me to maybe work together to help you get your podcast

up and running at brand MY podcast.com.

Leave a like and I feel like I think it is no to subscribe

and leave a review if you would like what you've heard in.

Today's episode 4 any episode prior would really appreciate

that sharing that love and hopefully helping others discover

this podcast at the same time until the next episode episode

11 lucky living.

That's my favourite number.

I will see you then, and this is actually the last full episode

that you'll see on YouTube if you watching on here in the

future. I'm going to make more cut down kind of Legends on

YouTube but the podcast audibly will stay just the same for

you each and every week until then.

See you next time.







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