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Updated: Jan 18

Introduction to Brand My Podcast

Brand My Podcast, hosted by Frank from G'day Frank, covers all the tips you'll need to start your podcast. You will also discover the benefits of creating a brand for your podcast. To give you the clarity and confidence needed to be both seen and heard by more listeners who connect with your podcast brand. This first episode is an introduction to Frank and what listeners/viewers can expect from this show.

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G'day and welcome to the Brand My Podcast... podcast

Didn't really think I that through (laughs).

I'm going to get that intro set up a little bit better for a second episode.

But G'day. I am Reagan Mackrill. You can call me Frank though.

It is my middle name.

It's my grandfathers' names as well.

I use it because it's simpler to remember easier to spell and also pronounce than Reagan is, so please call me Frank

As introduce myself to my clients and to fellow creators, and those that I newly-acquaint myself with online as Frank.

So g'day, I am Frank welcome to this podcast.

It is called Brand My Podcast. It is the service that I do offer to clients to start their podcast with confidence.

So this is a show that aligns with that a show that guides you to start your podcast with confidence. We want to elevate your voice to create a standout podcast that your audience can effectively connect with so that it becomes memorable, shared and listened to episode after episode.

So a bit about me just to get this sort of ball rolling for this first episode.

I'm a brand identity designer.

I am from Sydney Australia. Bit west of Sydney actually in the Blue Mountains.

I'm happily married man. My wife and I live here with our two children, and we created a design business a couple of years ago called G'day Frank which now we offer this service Brand My Podcast as part of G'day Frank.

Now in the last couple of years, I've been helping small to medium-sized businesses brand themselves to become a stand-out player in their industry or amongst their audience to be more recognised to be memorable and to be able to share what it is they do and they know with those that they can help be a podcast now.

Be it a service-based business. Be it a product-based business.

Of all different industries as well.

I've worked with those in the restaurant game.

In personal training and health and well-being.

As well as recruitment services, tech businesses and online retail stores.

So it's quite a mixed bag, and I wanted to find something that I was really kind of passionate about. And in the last 2 years I have started my own two podcasts, which is why I thought this might be a great opportunity to share what I've known or come to know about podcasting with you, who wants to start podcasting or who has a podcast but wants the elevate it to that next level of listenership to be able to connect better with your audience rather than just creating a podcast that is just there for people to listen to.

We also want your listens to be able to connect with you.

Ask questions. Interact with them.

Look what they're trying to learn from you.

Or be entertained by you with, to gain that value that you want to give more of.

Now the reason why I want to make this podcast is to take you through 5-10 minute episodes. Nice and short once not long hour-long things of me talking or having guests.

This is just us having a chat about small short sharp things we can do to elevate our podcast voice. Connect with our listeners and create a great show that people want to keep coming back for. So, I realised that setting up a podcast and marketing it is quite difficult. I realise that not everyone is experienced in the things that I do of branding and design, audio, editing even video stuff. So to be able to create a great podcast nowadays, when there is such a competitive landscape of thousands and thousands of podcasts.

How do we stand out? And this is why I want to help those people like you who want to start or who have already started to elevate that to create something that is for someone not everyone and to be able to allow you to have a clear purpose a great show and have that energy to keep coming back episode after episode.

This stuff is fun if you've already done this.

You know what what I'm talking about that interaction.

It's a different level of medium rather than having to create Instagram post content or post on LinkedIn or Tik Tok and having to be all that and showing up and everything with that.

You can create something out of just your voice add layers to it.

Obviously with video or stripping bits out to create for further content with. Which we'll get into that in later episodes and through the content for Brand My Podcast. But it's such a great medium to be able to connect with those you want to connect with it.

Could be clients.

It could be customers.

It could be just a general audience that you just want to give some value to.

Those like-minded people like you who believe what you believe, as Simon Sinek would say.

So what you want to try and achieve here with this podcast is to take the guesswork out of why your podcasts exists who it's for and how you are going to make it successful. I think it's

quite an easily achievable process and it's why I want to help others, who maybe don't have the time to do all this themselves or to create something that has a good foothold to be able to take and run with.

If you don't need my services, you might learn something from this and I hope you do to able to go away and do this yourself or do with another service provider.

Whoever it might be.

I am here to provide that knowledge that I have about creating my own to podcasts, which I'm going to go to in a second with you but in essence, is creating a podcast that we are able to share with others in multiple different ways not just create one piece of audio and let it sit there and hope people listen because it doesn't work like that, unfortunately, especially now. So my podcasts do just that and this podcast is going to be an example of how you can take a recording of your audio and maybe video.

If you want to lay that in there too and create several bits of content out of that. How to setup your cover art. How to use certain tools to record your audio. What environment to record your podcast in.

How to interact with guests, get them on the show. How to interact with your audience valuably. All these things that I have looked to do and try to achieve with my two podcasts and they are called Two Red Chairs and Branding Banter.

The first of which, Two Red Chairs is made for my fellow creatives to be able to run a design business like I have to share that knowledge of my own and others to share those stories.

That is a clear purpose there. The other one is Branding Banter, and that is to help small businesses understand the need and necessity of branding and what they can do for them.

That's a co-hosted podcast and I'm going to get into that podcast. Maybe one day when it comes to creating a show with a co-host or co-hosts and guests and what we can do to create something that does succeed because it is tough to do.

Now, that's the premise of this podcast.

I really hope you stick around and check out the next few that come out after this and maybe just hook you in for the long haul.

I hope to put these at every week or two weeks and give you that value you that you deserve when you are looking to create a podcast like this.

It can be a podcast like this.

That is short sharp sweet 5-10 minutes.

It could be one is 60 minutes or long like a Joe Rogan podcast.

What we want to do here is create something that you feel comfortable with.

That you can give something to your audience to your listeners to your clients or your customers.

Whoever might be. So stick around find this podcast on brandmypodcast.com for more information about how you can get in contact with me or on my Instagram page, @gdayfrank

You can also find me on LinkedIn, but they're the best place to find this podcast.

It is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts depending on your provider and I would love a review if you thought this first episode was great.

But Let's see what else I can pull out of my hat for the next few episodes until then.

I will see you very very soon.








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