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$1000 Chicken Wings

There is something quite different about these chicken wings found in New York City and it’s more than them being gold….it’s their $1000 price tag.⁣ Last year I remember watching a video Casey Neistat posted on YouTube, where I first heard of of this golden chicken wing experience at a sports bar called The Ainsworth in NYC. For $1000, you receive a plate of 50 chicken wings marinated and coated in a smokey 24-karat gold dust sauce. Oh, and it comes with a GOLD bottle of Ace of Spades champagne to wash it down with.⁣ Now you may be thinking, “A thousand dollars for chicken wings?”. They may be the most expensive wings on the planet but they aren’t the only high ticket dish or beverage going ‘round. ⁣ 🦞 There’s the $1000 Lobster Frittata (also in NYC).⁣ 🍔 The $5000 FleurBurger in Vegas that can even be delivered to your home.⁣ 🍸 And the Shangri-la hotel here in Sydney once had the $10,000 martini cocktail that came with a 1-Karat diamond ring and a night’s stay at their hotel.⁣ So these are money CAN buy experiences, but the average patron of these establishments will only be able look from a distance. Though, these are menu items anyone can still afford, as these venues also offer an affordable option for punters to try a small taste of decadence.⁣ But why would someone spare the greater expense? For the experience of course 💁🏻‍♂️⁣ It’s just the same as the Pohawk Plus beanie I talked about yesterday. It’s an experience not many others will ever have. While the exclusivity and price tag creates an allure to the restaurant or bar and sets itself apart from the rest. Thus bringing people in the door.⁣ On paper they won’t change your life…well unless you proposed with that diamond ring from the $10k martini. However, what this added value will do, is leave a lasting impression on any customer that walks in the door and sees the menu. Let alone the person who splashes the cash. ⁣ It’s these jaw-dropping offerings of next level value, that create a unique brand experience, get people talking and create a memorable brand.


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