I'm Frank.

I started G'day Frank in 2018 because I recognise the impact branding makes for any business, by creating a memorable brand. I want to help your business thrive with a recognisable, memorable and engaging brand identity.

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I work with those who want to build a brand, not just a pretty logo. My goal is to help you create a unique identity with a distinct voice and look that stands out from the rest to offer a consistent customer experience. Just the same as we strive to do for our own brand.

I look forward to partnering with teams and individuals who are looking for a clear understanding of how they can best help their customers in order to achieve their goals. Because I want to see not only your business thrive, but your customers as well. So that they come back time and time again! This is why I love branding.


Meet Reagan aka. 'Frank'

Blue Mountains (Sydney), Australia​​

My first name is Reagan but you can call me Frank for short (it's my middle name and also both my grandfather's name). I'm a father, husband, podcaster, speaker and mentor to my fellow creatives in business with over a decade of experience as a designer.

G’day Frank is operated by me and my equally creative wife, Sam. Together we live in the Blue Mountains with our two kids and Russian Blue cat.


I can help your business

I hope you're looking for someone who can understand your needs and pain points. Someone who'll guide you to a solution that creates change for your business and achieves the vision you have for your brand.


What I'm offering is more than a logo design. A brand is now what your customers say it is, so our goal should be to develop relatable brand identity your customers can recognise, remember and want to return to, time and time again.

Draw people in with a clear and engaging message

Create a brand that is recognised & trusted

Share your story & be known for more than what you do

Be confident and proud of your brand's identity

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The content is valuable for all businesses and types of brands, while also being a little entertaining and fun.

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Brand My Podcast

A show that guides you to brand and start your own podcast with confidence.

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Branding Banter Podcast

Co-hosted by Frank about the impact branding has on small Aussie businesses.

Be a brand that is remembered for more than what you sell